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International Movie Trailer: Tom Tykwer’s ‘Drei’

After faltering with The International, acclaimed and very interesting filmmaker Tom Tykwer has made his first German film in several years. The movie is Drei (Three) and we’ve seen a couple of stills in the past months, but haven’t had a lot of info. Turns out there’s a German trailer for the film, and while half the clip will be inscrutable for those who don’t speak German (like me) there’s enough material here to give you some idea of what the film offers. Read More »

First Look: Tom Tykwer’s Drei (aka Three)

Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg has released the first four photos from Tom Tykwer‘s new film Drei (English translation: Three), a contemporary love story set in current day Berlin which is set to premiere at the Venice Film Festival. The film is Tykwer’s first German project in a decade, and the first movie he has written himself since 2000. Here is the official plot synopsis:

THREE is about Hanna and Simon, a couple in their early forties who lives together in Berlin. Unknown to each other they both become acquainted with Adam, a younger man – and fall in love with him. When Hanna becomes pregnant, their whistle gets blown – and the question pops up: Who is the father? THREE is a tragicomical movie about love, morals and the sexes in a late-modernist German society at the mercy of its mixed feelings.

The cast includes German actors Sophie Rois, Devid Striesow and Sebastian Schipper. Tykwer has a great visual style. I’m a big fan of his earlier work like Run Lola Run, The Princess and the Warrior, and Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, but many were not impressed with The International. Hit the jump to see the photos.

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In the months since The International opened to generally dismissive reviews, there have been a few really intriguing hints about future projects from director Tom Tykwer. He’s been linked to films based on Cloud Atlas, the postmodern novel by David Mitchell, and What is the What, the Dave Eggers book about the Lost Boys of Sudan.

But he’s also been quietly filming a new feature called Drei (Three), which wrapped last week. We don’t yet know much, but what we’ve got is after the break. Read More »