Today’s lesson is: indecision will cost you. As the long saga of Universal’s new version of The Wolfman unfolded, it often seemed to outside observers like the studio and producers didn’t know what movie they wanted to make. Original director Mark Romanek walked at the last minute, Joe Johnston was hired to replace him, then the standard shoot was followed up with more reshoots than is usually the case. There were reports of multiple edits going at once and replacement scores, all of which contributed to the suspicion that the film was a mess.

Now Joe Johnston is talking about the making of the film with unusual candor for a director with his picture still in theaters. He confirms some of the speculation about the making of the film, underscoring what you’d think would be a basic rule for movies based on setpieces and effects: know what you’re making before you make it. Read More »


I’m bunching up two different Cool Stuff posts here, but just as I was about to highlight the two great new Alamo Drafthouse posters for The Wolf Man and The Wolfman I saw this tasty little Soylent Green t-shirt that I thought folks might get a kick out of. And because the shirt is from TeeFury it is available today only — about ten more hours, to be exact. Then again, the two posters might not last much longer than that. Hit the break for details on all of them. Read More »

Danny Elfman’s Score is Back in The Wolfman


The Wolfman opens on February 12, but until then it seems like anything could happen with the film. For months the project has been beset by news and rumors of alternate cuts, different teams of editors, new effects, reshoots and the fact that Danny Elfman‘s score was junked in favor of music by Paul Haslinger.

But wait! Now there’s a report that Elfman’s score is back in, though it will need to be bolstered by other music. Read More »


There are a bunch of new posters this week, and easily the most striking of the bunch is the painted image for The Wolfman, created by legendary Famous Monsters of Filmland cover artist Basil Gogos. CHUD got the image as an exclusive; you can see part of it above, and click through for the full thing. It’s not my favorite Gogos by a stretch, but like his best paintings it is grotesquely colorful in a way that points a direct line to the cinematography in films like Suspiria. The fact that Universal got him to work with their remake is a great thing.

After the break, the poster for Kevin Smith‘s Cop Out, a new domestic poster for Mother, character sheets for Percy Jackson and The Crazies, and a great poster for a tiny, weird Danish post-apocalyptic Western called Connected. Read More »

The Wolfman Gets Bloody R-Rating


After numerous delays, reshoots, editing changes after multiple test screenings, and of course – Danny Elfman‘s infamous departure, I wasn’t sure The Wolfman would actually be completed for the planned February 12th 2010 release. Well, it appears that a final cut is in hand.

Universal just informed me that The Wolfman has finally received a rating from the MPAA, and has been rated ‘R’ for “bloody horror, violence and gore.” I’ve never recieved an e-mail from a studio publicist bragging about a film’s MPAA rating before, nevermind a bloody R-rating. I would assume that Universal wants everyone to know that they have decided to go with the longer, bloodier, more violent (and from what I’ve heard, better) cut of the film.

If Universal is happy with the film, I would expect them to start screening it to the public pretty soon, possibly even this week, to spark word of mouth interest.


A bunch of new movie posters have been released in time for the Thanksgiving holiday theater rush, so I thought we’d do a round up of some of the one-sheets we’ve missed. After the jump you can find new posters for The WolfmanThe Book of Eli, Noah Baumbach’s Greenberg, and James Cameron‘s Avatar. And yes, some of them are international.

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I suppose there’s no small amount of irony here. The original trailer for the upcoming revamp of The Wolfman didn’t work nearly as well as the later, more music video-like version, which featured the sort of pseudo-industrial rock that you might expect to hear accompanying an Underworld or Paul W.S. Anderson movie. Now we’ve learned that Danny Elfman, the original composer for this Wolfman score, has left the project. His replacement? Paul Haslinger, who scored the first and third Underworld movies and Anderson’s Death Race remake. Read More »

The Wolfman Movie Trailer #2: A Moody, Modern Approach


There’s a new trailer for Joe Johnston‘s remake of Universal’s The Wolfman. If you didn’t like the first trailer, which really sold the film as a piece of gothic old-school horror, you’ll probably like this one a lot more. Read More »

The Wolfman Movie Trailer


Last year at Comic Con, Universal showed off the first footage from Joe Johnston‘s The Wolfman. Now over a year later, after some reshoots, effects tweaks and a couple of release date changes for the film, the trailer is online for your perusal. Yahoo has the clip for the update of the classic film, starring Benicio Del Toro, Emily Blunt, Anthony Hopkins and Hugo Weaving. Also available are a handful of new stills, which went live last night in anticipation of the trailer debut. See the stills and trailer after the break. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:


Shock Till You Drop has reported that two prominent horror films are experiencing their own dread: release date changes. First, just before Comic Con we learned that Warner Bros. has pushed back the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake by two weeks. Instead of opening on April 16, 2010 it will now show up on April 30.

The shift, according to Andrew Form‘s comments to STYD, has to do with the fact that there was no competition on April 30. Granted, one week later Freddy Krueger will have to face off against Iron Man 2, but if the box office pattern for Friday the 13th is repeated here (massive opening weekend followed by massive dropoff) that won’t be a killer. And Nightmare could potentially reap benefits similar to those earned by The Mummy in ’99 if sold-out Iron Man 2 screenings lead people into the new Nightmare.

Meanwhile, is Universal expressing a vote of no confidence in the new Wolfman by pushing it back? Read More »