Briefly: You might remember that we’ve covered the new short from Terry Gilliam, The Wholly Family, a couple times in the past. It’s a weird setup, where Gilliam was one of a number of filmmakers hired by Italian pasta company Garofalo to make short films set in or otherwise concerning Naples. Gilliam’s movie is probably the most high-profile of the efforts, and it follows “an American family vacationing in Naples and the surreal visions of their young son after he steals a Pulcinella—the black masked unofficial mascot of the city—from a street cart.”

Most of us haven’t yet had a chance to see the short, but Anne Thompson passes along word that the film will stream from The Guardian for two weeks starting 7pm GMT on January 23, at a price of £1.99. (Currently about $3 US.) The offer isn’t available to residents of Italy, likely because of licensing concerns, but all other countries can access the stream. Those who check it out right when the film goes live will also get a live interview and Q&A with Gilliam.

Hit the break to check out the teaser for the short, in case you missed it when it ran last year. Read More »

One of Terry Gilliam‘s many recent non-feature projects is The Wholly Family, a short film funded by Italian pasta company Garofalo. The company commissioned a set of short films set in or otherwise concerning Naples, and Gilliam is one of the people tapped to take advantage of the option. We haven’t seen anything from the film since some stills hit in February, but a teaser trailer hit the web a week or two back, and you can see it below. Read More »

If you’re feeling a bit down this Monday morning — maybe you’re one of those who isn’t enjoying a holiday in the States, today, for instance — you might need some clowns.

More specifically, you might need some Terry Gilliam clowns, as seen in the first images from his new short film The Wholly Family. Don’t be afraid: they’re Italian Commedia Dell’arte clowns… whose masks and expressions only remind me of the Clockwork Orange home invasion scene… and they seem to be attacking (or, worse, staffing) a hospital. Oh, dear, I’m really not making this any better, am I?

Clown-filled images and some behind the scenes video, after the break. Read More »

Terry Gilliam may not be making that second take on The Man Who Killed Don Quixote after all, but don’t think he isn’t busy. He’s already done a webcast with the Arcade Fire this year, and made that strange NASCAR-themed short film, The Legend of Hallowdega.

Now he’s got another short planned that will go before cameras early in 2011. Details on The Wholly Family, after the break. Read More »