As the year comes to an end, anybody and everybody are posting their best of the year lists. Most of these lists contain variations of the same 15 or 20 films. To break the mold, some are even posting lists of the best films of the year that you probably haven’t seen. I find that even these lists are filled with the same movies. And if you’re a film geek reading a site like /Film, chances are you know about most of the movies on these lists.

I wanted to do something different and compile a list of the best films of the year that you’ve never heard of. The selections should be movies that (for the most part) none of your family or friends have heard of, and you might even have to do some extra legwork to get your hands on.

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Magnet Picks up ‘The Troll Hunter’

The trailer for André Ovredal‘s film The Troll Hunter got a great reception when we ran it not long ago. The film was a hit at Fantastic Fest and has done well at other festivals as well. Not difficult to imagine why, if the feature follows through on the promise of the trailer. Now Magnolia’s genre arm Magnet will release the film, after picking up worldwide rights to the picture. Read More »