One of the best little films I’ve ever seen was 2007’s Once. I say “little” not because the film was short or insignificant, but because the simple story of two unnamed musicians falling in love had a breathtaking intimacy that made it feel raw and genuine. The real-life tale behind the two stars, Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, gave the film an added layer of emotion as well: Hansard and Irglová were (and still are) members of a folk-rock duo called The Swell Season, and while promoting the movie became an actual couple as well. The two eventually broke off their romantic relationship, though they’ve remained close as colleagues and friends.

A documentary telling the true story of The Swell Season has been making the festival rounds, and is set to get a limited theatrical release next month. Directed by Nick August-Perna, Chris Dapkins, and Carlo Mirabella-Davis, The Swell Season follows the duo’s fading romance, personal struggles, and rise to prominence. Watch the trailer after the jump.

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Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) joined The Swell Season, Irish musician Glen Hansard and Czech singer and pianist Markéta Irglová (you know, the musical artists from the indie musical Once) on stage at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on November 18th, 2009. Segel joked that the movie Once beat out the Dracula Love song from Forgetting Sarah Marshall at the Academy Awards due to Hollywood “politics.”

Segel performed a song which involved asking college girls in the audience, interested in having sex with him, to call a phone number – 315-329-6673. And yes, it is a real number. Women who call the number are given an email address to contact him ( Apparently Segel performed the same song, with few lyrics changed, at a Maroon 5 concert earlier this month. Watch a video of the performance after the jump.
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I was going through my normal Sunday early-morning ritual of cruising through deal sites, when I happened upon this slice of deal goodness (via Slickdeals) and my head almost exploded: The Wire: The Complete Series DVD set is now on sale for $90 at Amazon! This is a ridiculously cheap price (the seasons used to individually cost upwards of $60 each) for the greatest television series of all time. If you have never watched the show before, you owe it to yourself to pick this one up. And if you have watched it, you know how awesome it is, so the onus is now on you to buy this set and give it to a friend. You can listen to our 3.5-hour long review of the entire series of The Wire by clicking here.

Buy it from Amazon by clicking here (note that the shipping is free, but that the ship time is 1 to 3 weeks). And if they’re sold out of it, Best Buy has the exact same deal too.

Additionally, Amazon’s MP3 store also has “The Swell Season” for sale for $3 as its deal of the day. “The Swell Season” is the 2006 album by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, the duo behind the film Once. While the album is obviously different than the Once soundtrack, it shares four tracks with it (“Falling Slowly,” “When Your Mind’s Made Up,” “Lies,” and “Leave,” although I believe they are different versions) and is probably worth a purchase if you were a fan of that film, especially for $3.

Trivia: The appearance of “Falling Slowly” on “The Swell Season” and another album (“The Cost”) contributed to the the AMPAS’ decision to examine the song’s eligilibity for an Academy Award nomination. “Falling Slowly” ended up winning the award for Best Original Song, beating out three songs from “Enchanted.”

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