166 Screenplay Drafts of The Simpsons Movie


According to DH, Simpsons Producer/Writer James L. Brooks claims that there was 166 drafts of The Simpsons Movie screenplay. Is that a new record for Hollywood?

 The Simpsons Movie

I, like most of America, saw The Simpsons Movie last weekend. An enjoyable film, with a lot of laughs, but still may-be 10 years too late. Most of the people I spoke with agreed that it was good but not great. My major complaint was that I wanted to see more of the film set in Springfield. I wanted to see more of the signature characters that we’ve all fallen in love with over the last 18 years.So I was shocked to find that the movie was voted as one of the best films of all time. Already?

Okay, to be fair, most new films with a built in fanboy audience immediately show up on the reader-voted Internet Movie Database top 250 movies of all time list. But as more people see the film, and more votes are counted, the film usually falls off the list completely (or at least into the 200’s). The Simpsons Movie made it’s debut on the list at around #33, which is a huge feat. The movie has since fallen to an 8.3 rating to be ranked as the #139th best movie of all time. That’s a couple points higher than such classics as Die Hard, The Princess Bride, The Graduate, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Federico Fellini’s 8 1/2, Dog Day Afternoon, Trainspotting, Groundhogs Day, Toy Story and Stand By Me.  Also it must be noted that only votes from regular imdb voters are considered in the top 250, so first time fanboy voters trying to spike the rating aren’t put into consideration.

With 36,600 user votes, Simpsons seems to be holding its spot on the list.  So the question is: Is The Simpsons Movie one of the best movies of all time? Does it deserve this placement?


The Simpsons Movie debuts today in just under 4,000 locations, and, to me, the question is “Will this be a $10 experience?” After 19 years and 400 episodes, how many jokes remain untold? We’re about to find out.
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First Review of The Simpsons Movie

 The Simpsons Movie

It seems like 20th Century Fox are so nervous that bloggers might post an early review of one of their upcoming big budget films that they’ve forgotten that the main culprit is actually the print media. The London Times have published their review of The Simpsons Movie yesterday, a full five days before the film hits theaters. Yet bloggers and website based critics will have to wait until Thursday night to watch the flick.

The good news is that Springfield Vermont correspondent James Bone says the film is “a postmodern parable about an environmental scare that is at the same time hilarious and horrifyingly poignant.” The four out of five star review claims the film boasts “the same sly cultural references and flashes of brilliance that have earned the television series a following that ranges from tots to comparative literature PhDs.”

Horton Hears a Who

We have just received confirmation the first movie trailers for the computer animated big screen adaptation of the Dr. Seuss classic Horton Hears a Who and the live action/computer animated big screen Alvin and The Chipmunks will be attached to The Simpsons Movie, which hits theaters on July 27th 2007.

Alvin and The ChipmunksHorton Hears a Who features the voices of Jim Carrey, Steve Carell, Carol Burnett, Seth Rogen, Will Arnett, Isla Fisher, Dan Fogler, Amy Poehler, Dane Cook, Jaime Pressly and Jonah Hill. Directed by Jimmy Hayward (a former Pixar animator) and written by The Santa Clause 2: The Mrs. Clause and Bubble Boy scribes Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio, the movie follows Horton the Elephant, who one day, on the fifteenth of May in the Jungle of Nool to be precise, hears a small speck of dust talking to him. The speck of dust turns out to be a tiny planet, home to a city called Who-ville, inhabited by microscopic-sized inhabitants known as Whos. The rhyming story by Dr. Seuss was first published in 1954, and spawned Horton Hatches the Egg and Horton Hears A Who. The Whos would later make a reappearance in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Horton Hears a Who will hit theaters on March 14, 2008.

Alvin and the Chipmunks features Jason Lee (My Name is Earl) as Dave Seville, the father and manager of a group of singing chipmunk brothers (Alvin, Simon and Theodore). Directed by Tim Hill (Garfield 2 and Max Keeble’s Big Move), and written by the guys who wrote the Ice Age flicks, Robots and Big Momma’s House 2, Alvin and the Chipmunks hits theaters on December 14th 2007.

The Simpsons Movie: Two New Video Clips

The Simpsons Movie

Moviefone has been provided with two new clips from The Simpsons Movie. The first one features the Simpson family on the lam. Marge and Bart take risky measures in a convenience store to keep from getting caught. The second clip is much shorter and shows Homer upset because he missed Access Hollywood after the residents of Springfield chase the family with torches. Check out both clips after the jump.
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Rumor has it that Warner Bros will premiere a teaser movie trailer for the Batman Begins sequel The Dark Knight at the 10:30am Warner Bros Panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, according to SHH. The trailer would then be attached to The Simpsons Movie which hits theaters on July 27th. This sounds likely but I have my doubts. If Warner Bros were to premiere a teaser this early, why not attach it to Harry Potter? It would have been an unpaid spot (Potter is WB, Simpsons is Fox) and a much larger audience. We’ll see what we can (or can’t) find out, and report back.

 Bart Nude

Okay, so we all know that Bart Simpson gets naked in The Simpsons Movie. They showed part of the scene in the trailer where Bart rides through town in his baby suit, cleverly concealed by strategically-placed props ala Austin Powers. But did you know that we get to see Bart’s ding dong? I’m serious. Reports from a ten minute screening in London last week say that after the elaborate Austin Power sequence, “the audience gets a full view of his private parts through a gap in a hedge.” Series creator Matt Groening, who was in attendance, says he expects many complaints. But will the MPAA allow cartoon nudity?

Spider-Man 3

 In a summer full of big blockbuster movies, adaptations, sequels and threequels, you would think that Hollywood would have made some record scratch. Not so! According to the AP, attendance is running behind last summer’s and has even fallen below that of the summer of 2005. According to Media By Numbers, 279 million tickets had been sold thus far compared with 315 million at this same point in 2002.  But this is not what was supposed to happen. Industry analysts predicted the first $4 billion summer in history,  but we’re at the midway point and it’s not looking probable. As of this past weekend, Hollywood has made $1.9 billion since the first weekend in May. And $945 million of that number comes from just three movies (Pirates 3, Spider-Man 3, and Shrek the Third).

And there are a few biggies waiting in the bull pen: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, The Bourne Ultimatum, Rush Hour 3, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, The Simpsons Movie and Hairspray. But as you might notice, most of them are medium sized majors, not on the same level with a Spider-Man 3. Potter is likely to make $300 million domestically, but the rest probably won’t come close.

May-be the problem is that none of the huge releases really connected with the audiences. Most of the films resulted with bad reviews and bad word of mouth. And the good flicks (Ratatouille, Once, Sicko) got buried in the mix.

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Kwik-e-martA few months back we reported that 7-11 had entered into a marketing partnership with Fox to turn a bunch of 7-11 stores into KWIK-E-MARTs to help promote the upcoming release of The Simpsons Movie. Well the first store has popped up in Burbank, CA at the corner of Olive & Verdugo.  It seems like they’ve replaced pretty much all of the store’s sign-age with KWIK-E-MART versions. This has to be one of the best movie marketing promotions of all time. Hats off to the Fox marketing team!
RDR07 has posted 57 amazing photos from the store for you to check out on Flickr.com. We have posted a couple of the more interesting ones below.

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