When David O. Russell stepped away from Sony’s tentpole Uncharted, it looked like The Silver Linings Playbook, based on Matthew Quick‘s novel, would be his next film. (The project had already been rumored as a possibility to be made before Uncharted.) Mark Wahlberg is set to star as “a delusional former high school history teacher who’s just been released into the custody of his mom. Believing that he’s only been away for a few months instead of the four years he just spent in a mental institution, the teacher sets about wooing back his ex-wife.”

Now, there is a report that Angelina Jolie is meeting with David O. Russell this week about the film, and so there is speculation that she’ll take the ex-wife role, once pegged as a possible gig for Anne Hathaway. This seems like a slight chance, as this isn’t the sort of material that Angelina Jolie has been doing in the past few years. She seems far more drawn to projects where she is really the driving force. But with the Oscar heat that came off The Fighter, David O. Russell is probably a much more attractive director now than he was before, and that lure can’t be totally discounted. [JustJared]

After the break, a possible Rushmore reunion is brewing, as Olivia Williams could end up in the Bill Murray film Hyde Park on Hudson. Read More »

David O. Russell Quits ‘Uncharted’

Here’s something I expect many fans of the Uncharted video games will like: David O. Russell has quit the feature film adaptation of the game, leaving Sony looking for a new director. This is actually the second time we’ve reported that he wouldn’t make Uncharted. It was just over a year ago, in early May 2010, that the possibility he’d direct was reported, but in August we heard that negotiations couldn’t be worked out and he wouldn’t do the film. Then, in October, he was signed to write and direct. This time, the departure  seems like a final decision. What will this do to the cast? Read More »

Lately there’s a casting rumor every single day, and the latest is a one-two for Anne Hathaway, who has been mentioned as the latest possible lead for the revamped Barbarella, and for David O. Russell‘s possible feature The Silver Linings Playbook. But The Playlist talked to a rep for the actress who says she hasn’t been formally attached to either film. And David O. Russell says that with respect to The Silver Linings Playbook “those people have definitely read the script and there’s a whole conversation going on.” ‘Those people’ refers to Bradley Cooper and Anne Hathaway, but obviously it’s still rather early on both counts. More as this develops.

Am I alone in hoping the Barbarella remake will just die quietly off in a corner? The original is campy fun and, yeah, goofy titillating stuff. And sure, I’d like to see Anne Hathaway in some of those costumes. But it’s a product of its time. Let Roman Coppola’s CQ stand as the remake of both Barbarella and the similarly campy (and far more wonderful) Danger: Diabolik and let’s all move on. Please?

Given the flurry of news on David O. Russell‘s planned adaptation of the video game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, there have been assumptions that it would be his next film. But we know he’s only half done with the script at this point, which means the film can’t be greenlit, so it may be premature to assume Uncharted is the director’s follow-up to The Fighter.

Another recent option for the director has been the Vince Vaughn film Old St. Louis, but a new report says that won’t be his next one, either. New info says he’ll next tackle The Silver Linings Playbook, of which we haven’t heard anything substantial since March 2009. Read More »