I’m a firm believer that Rob Cohen’s part three of the Mummy series is the best of the lot of them, and while I know that’s an unpopular opinion I’m slightly mystified as to why. Of course, when it comes to the bird’s eye view, too long spent comparing work by Stephen Sommers and Rob Cohen in a medium that also gave us, oh, say, Terry Gilliam, Ingmar Bergman, Alfred Hitchcock and Werner Herzog is a bit like taking a day trip to the Seaside but staying in the carpark.  In the car.  With a bucket on your head.

According to Production Weekly (which as ever we can’t link to, as it comes subscription only) Rob Cohen is now attached to direct a film about modern day pirates.  The Sea Artist has been scripted by Tony Puryear, a comic book artist and sometime music video director who, over ten years ago, clocked up some raves for an unproduced Buck Rogers screenplay. Read More »