the forever purge first look

Once upon a time, The Purge franchise felt like it existed wholly in the realm of fiction. But in the years since the first film has been released, The Purge‘s imagery of American run wild has begun to feel uncomfortably prescient. And in the wake of yesterday’s horrific attack on the US Capitol, anything Purge-related is probably going to come across as extra disturbing. But Blumhouse is invested in the franchise, and they already have a new Purge title in the can – The Forever Purge. The sequel was supposed to hit theaters last year but ended up being delayed due to COVID-19, but now it’s due out this year. And we have the first image and real plot details to go with it.

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into the dark

Hot on the heels of the first teaser trailer for the anticipated horror sequel Halloween Kills, Universal Pictures has shifted the release dates for both that film and its follow-up. In addition, Universal is shuffling around Blumhouse’s upcoming Candyman remake, and The Forever Purge, the next installment of The Purge franchise. Get the latest release date changes to update your depressing calendar below. Read More »

the forever purge release date

Universal has pulled The Forever Purge off its summer calendar altogether. The fifth installment in Universal-Blumhouse Purge series, The Forever Purge was originally dated for July 10 but now has no set date. It’s unclear if the film will go direct to PVOD or if Universal will delay it for a later theatrical release date.

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Treadstone and The Purge Series Canceled

The upcoming season of television is going to be a dreary one for audiences expecting anything more than reality TV and animated programming. Not only has the spread of the coronavirus pandemic halted production on nearly all TV shows, but returning shows are going to struggle getting back to work. Since this uncertain environment has networks and cable channels tightening their belts, we’re starting to see a lot more shows get canceled, and USA has just axed two of their high profile titles: The Purge and Treadstone. Read More »

the forever purge

The title of the next Purge sequel has been revealed, and it’s pretty fitting: The Forever Purge. It’s as if the makers of the film realized that we’re already trapped in a never-ending nightmare, and they might as well take advantage of that with this title. The Purge is usually set on the one night of a year where all crime is legal, but throwing “forever” into the title suggests that The Purge has reached a point where it’s become an ongoing, constant source of turmoil. And we can all certainly relate to that.

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the purge siren

In The Purge, a blaring siren signals the start of violence and mayhem as all crimes — including murder — become legal for 12 hours. It’s only the dystopian premise of a fictional horror series, thank goodness, but every once in a while, when the world gets really bad, the internet will joke that we’re not too far from going through a real-life Purge. So, at a time when the country is especially on edge amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it’s not a great coincidence when the police of Crowley, Louisiana used The Purge siren to signal the start of curfew.

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the purge season 2 finale

The Purge TV series is headed towards its season finale, and the show is bringing back a familiar face: Ethan Hawke. Hawke starred in the first Purge movie, and he’ll be returning as his character James Sandin for a cameo in the season 2 finale. Hawke’s character bit the dust in the original movie, but his appearance in the show will be a flashback. Get a look at Hawke’s return below.

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The Purge Season 2 Trailer

So far, The Purge film franchise and TV series have only explored what happens on the night when all crime (including murder) is legal for 12 hours. But the teaser trailer and plot description for the upcoming second season of The Purge TV series looks to explore a storyline that hasn’t yet been covered. What happens in between Purges? Watch The Purge season 2 trailer for a taste. Read More »

the purge 5 release date

Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Pictures will be holding their last Purge. The fifth and final The Purge movie is set to open in theaters in July 2020, bringing to an end the series created by James DeMonaco that went from sleeper horror hit to critically acclaimed franchise.

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the purge season 2

Like almost every Blumhouse production, The Purge began as a low-budget horror movie that made some serious cash as the box office. A full-on franchise was born, consisting of three sequels (one more movie is on the way) and a TV show, also called The Purge. The show debuted this year, and the season one finale airs tonight.

USA Network has good news for fans of the show: The Purge season 2 is officially happening. Read more about the second season pick-up below.
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