‘The Primary Instinct’ Is Now Available on Hulu

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Last year, /Film readers and /Filmcast listeners helped me finance and make a film with Stephen Tobolowsky. Soon afterwards, FilmBuff picked us up for distribution. Figuring out how to distribute a film is never an easy process. There are countless decisions to be made about timing of release, which platforms to use, and how to market on those platforms. All that being said, after going on sale last fall across all major VOD platforms, The Primary Instinct is now available to watch on Hulu. 

Hulu gives us the ability to reach millions of subscribers across a variety of different hardware and software platforms, but it’s up to us (the filmmakers) to get the word out about the film. So, if you enjoy the film, any Hulu reviews, Facebook posts, and tweets you have to support us would be greatly appreciated.

Those of you who live in a country where Hulu isn’t available can still purchase the film at VHX (with extras!). Hit the jump to watch the film on Hulu. And thanks to all who’ve helped support this little film on its journey thus far.
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primary instinct

Briefly: I’ll be in Los Angeles tonight for a screening of The Primary Instinct, followed by a live podcast recording of Jeff Goldsmith’s The Q&A. Stephen Tobolowsky will also be in attendance. If you’re in Los Angeles, come down to the Los Angeles Film School and join us. Details on how to RSVP are here.

There are only a few podcasts for which I’d consider disrupting my life and flying somewhere overnight to record. Jeff Goldsmith’s The Q&A is one of them. I’ve been listening to Jeff’s podcasting for over 6 years, and have often marveled at the insight and practical advice he’s been able to extract from his guests. It will be a great honor to participate and I hope to see some of you there. And of course, if you can’t make it, you can always buy the film here.

‘The Primary Instinct’ Is Now Available on VOD


I’m pleased to announce that today, roughly 19 months after I made the first post about The Primary Instinct at /Film, The Primary Instinct is now available across all major VOD platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox Video, Vudu, and VHX (with special features). For those who haven’t seen it yet, I hope you’ll consider checking it out and leaving a review.

For those who don’t know, The Primary Instinct is a concert film that documents an evening of Stephen’s storytelling at the Moore Theatre in Seattle. It chronicles Stephen’s journey through childhood, fatherhood, and Hollywood. Hit the jump to learn more about the film and watch the trailer.
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The Primary Instinct trailer

If you’re a loyal reader of SlashFilm, then you’re likely already very well acquainted with Stephen Tobolowsky. He’s a very gifted character actor who has been in over 200 movies and TV shows, with some of his recognizable roles being Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day and Sammy Jankis in Memento, not to mention recurring roles on Deadwood, Glee, The Goldbergs and more.

As you may know, our own David Chen has been working on a movie chronicling Stephen Tobolowsky’s life as told by the actor himself, and we’ve even followed along the filmmaking process with him. Now The Primary Instinct trailer has arrived to tease Tobolowsky’s intimate talk on life, love and the entertainment industry. Read More »

FilmBuff Will Distribute ‘The Primary Instinct’

primary instinct

Last year, with the help of some /Film readers, I received Kickstarter funding to direct a concert film with actor Stephen Tobolowsky. The film played at a few film festivals, but the question quickly became: what was going to happen next for The Primary Instinct?

I estimate 70% of the process of releasing a movie is just getting the film made; the other 30% is getting the film seen. That’s why I’m really pleased to announce that FilmBuff — the same distribution company that released great indie films like Exit Through the Gift Shop and The Internet’s Own Boy, will be distributing The Primary Instinct. Hit the jump for more details, plus the full press release.
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primary instinct

Briefly: Well, folks, the day is finally here. A little bit more than a year after we first shot a concert film at the Moore Theatre with Stephen Tobolowsky, the World Premiere of The Primary Instinct is finally upon us. Tomorrow, all the people who backed us on Kickstarter will get the opportunity to watch the film with us when it plays at the Seattle International Film Festival.

But there’s good news for those who live near the Seattle area as well: You can still buy a ticket to see the film in personThe Primary Instinct will play at the historic Egyptian Theatre in Capitol Hill for two showings: Friday at 9:45 PM, and Saturday at noon. Stephen and I will both be there to do a Q&As afterwards.

For those who won’t be able to be there and are still interested in seeing the film: stay tuned! We’ll have more exciting news about the film in the near future. In the meantime, I hope you’ll consider joining us in person. If you do, be sure to say hi. And for those who have been with us every step of the way on this journey, right from the very beginning: Thank you, so so much.

Primary Instinct poster

Making a Movie” is a series of columns that chronicles our attempt to make, market, and distribute a film with Stephen Tobolowsky.

First things first: The World Premiere of The Primary Instinct will happen in late May. But in the meantime, star Stephen Tobolowsky and I will be at the Independent Film Festival of Boston for a one-off Special Screening this Sunday, April 26th, at 7:30 PM. Buy tickets for that show here.

In the meantime, I want to unveil the poster for our film to you guys. Read More »

Making a Movie: The Vagaries of Film Festival Submission


Making a Movie” is a series of columns that chronicles our attempt to make, market, and distribute a film with Stephen Tobolowsky in 2014

I decided early on in making The Primary Instinct, that I would want to submit it to film festivals as parts of its roll-out strategy. Not only do festivals provide an amazing platform for publicity, word-of-mouth, and potential acquisition, but I also love the culture there. From the few festivals I’ve been to (Sundance, SIFF, IFFboston), I’ve always felt like the air is electric with anticipation and excitement for quality cinema. It would be a huge honor to be a part of that in some way.

But submitting to film festivals is no easy task. There are pages and pages and pages of rules (much of which I’m guessing is meant to weed out those who don’t follow directions exactly), and tons of documentation is required. After the jump, you’ll find a few things I learned about the festival submission process.
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Making a Movie: Five Things I Wish I’d Known

MakingaMovie (1 of 1)

Making a Movie” is a series of columns that chronicles our attempt to make, market, and distribute a film with Stephen Tobolowsky in 2014

It’s been an intensely busy summer as I’ve struggled to keep up with my full-time job, my podcasts, and my film. But we are now closing in on the finish line. The official submission deadline for Sundance, our first desired festival, was August 29th, and we mailed a nearly-finished version of our film in just in time. A few color and sound issues remain to be finalized, but otherwise The Primary Instinct is 99.9% done, and almost ready for submission to a bunch of other festivals in the weeks to come.

As I look back on the past few months, there are a bunch of things I wish I’d done differently. As one indie producer put it to me, there is a steep learning curve for independent filmmaking, but it gets easier every time. Unfortunately, this was my first time, but hopefully some of you can learn from my mistakes. After the jump, you’ll find a few things I wish I’d known going into this whole process. These things will be obvious to anyone who’s made a film, but for me, they were a learning experience.
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Making a Movie: Tech Rehearsal


Making a Movie” is a series of columns that chronicles our attempt to make, market, and distribute a film with Stephen Tobolowsky in 2014

Last night was our tech rehearsal and full run-through for the concert film we’re shooting with Stephen Tobolowsky. We had a documentary crew on-site to shoot an official “making of” short film, but I also threw together a quick video on my Panasonic GH4 just to give you some idea of the complexity of what we’re attempting this evening. You can find this video after the jump.

You can still buy tickets for tonight’s show. Hope to see some of you there!
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