The Premonition Lord and Miller

Does anyone actually want a non-documentary movie about the COVID-19 pandemic? I honestly don’t know, but Hollywood seems to think the answer is “yes.” The latest entry in a growing line-up of pandemic-based movies is The Premonition, which is based on the book by Michael Lewis, author of Moneyball and The Big Short. Phil Lord and Chris Miller have come on board to direct the pic, which tracks the “early days of COVID-19 and those U.S. heroes who tried to warn against the dangers of underestimating the deadly seriousness of the killer virus.”

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Tribeca Movie Review: The Premonition

The following movie was screened at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival.

The Premonition

The Premonition (Le Pressentiment)
Discovery, Narrative
2006, France
Dir: Jean-Pierre Darroussin

A beautiful piece from actor Jean-Pierre Darroussin, who makes his first attempt at directing with this wonderful adaptation of Emmanuel Bove’s novel of the same title, The Premonition casts a striking look at modern day France and the perils its beastly class system projects upon its citizens. Darroussin brilliantly portrays Charles Bénesteau, a wealthy Parisian lawyer who has made the decision of abandoning his cushy, bourgeois lifestyle and moves into a blue-collared neighborhood with a predominantly immigrant population.
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