About a month ago, I wrote up info on a Dutch animated short called The Monster of Nix, which was notable for (a) some really wild character designs, and (b) the fact that Terry Gilliam and Tom Waits are voicing characters. It kinda flew under the radar, so here’s another chance to check it out.

A new teaser clip has appeared for the film, and it features the voice of Tom Waits as a very strange bird. Check it out below. Read More »

The very occasional working relationship between Tom Waits and Terry Gilliam is something that has given me great pleasure for a long time. It was a thrilling surprise when Waits played a cameo in The Fisher King in 1991; Terry Gilliam then used the Waits track ‘Earth Died Screaming’ for a key point in Twelve Monkeys, and it all lead up to Waits’ big role in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Now the Gilliam/Waits partnership is on again, but with a slightly new twist: the two are providing voices for a 30-minute short called The Monster of Nix, by Dutch artist/director Rosto. Read More »