lion king tv spot

Disney’s photorealistic computer animated (don’t call it live-action!) Lion King is going to be big. How could it not be? It boasts an incredible cast, and the nostalgia factor alone all but guarantees boffo box office. And yet, the footage released so far has taken great pains to avoid showing the photorealistic animals speaking. A new Lion King TV spot continues that trend, relying entirely on the gravitas-filled voiceover work of James Earl Jones. Watch The Lion King TV spot below.

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The Lion King TV spot

“The king has returned.” That’s one of Rafiki’s lines from the original Walt Disney Animation version of The Lion King, but I suspect many Beyonce fans will be lining up for Jon Favreau‘s not-quite-live-action, not-quite-animated remake to hear their queen lend her voice to Nala, the film’s female lead.

Beyonce has released a new TV spot for the movie through her YouTube channel, and in addition to showing off some new footage from the film (including the climactic fight), it’s also our first opportunity to hear her in-character as Nala.
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Oh yes, it’s a lion. That’s not just the translation of the opening Zulu lyrics from “The Circle of Life,” but that’s really the only reaction you can have to new The Lion King character posters recently released by Disney. The House of Mouse has released the character posters for Jon Favreau‘s CG remake of the 1994 beloved animated classic, and if it weren’t for the bold lettering proclaiming the stars voicing the photorealistic animal characters, you could easily mistake these posters as stills from a National Geographic special.

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The Lion King Comparison

One of the biggest blockbusters of the summer will undoubtedly be Disney’s remake of The Lion King. The movie will bring the animated classic to life using photorealistic visual effects, making the animals look just as they in the real world, but still letting them talk and sing just as they did in the original 1994 movie.

However, ever since the first trailer came out, fans have been wondering exactly how The Lion King remake will differentiate itself from the original movie. A lot of the footage in the trailers have been shots and moments taken directly from the original movie with a “live-action” makeover. So what makes this worth seeing? The answer to The Lion King comparison query lies somewhere between nostalgia and innovation. Read More »

The Lion King remake animated

Unlike some recent live-action Disney remakes, technology is a big part of the raison d’être for Jon Favreau‘s The Lion King. While the director incorporated some live-action elements into 2016’s The Jungle Book, this version of The Lion King does not feature any human characters. That means the entire film is being created using computer graphics, resulting in some breathtakingly realistic depictions of not only the African savannah, but the animals that inhabit it.

So how should we all refer to this movie? It’s not live-action, so should we be calling it an animated film? During our visit to the set, someone posed that question to Favreau, and his response was more complicated than I anticipated. Read More »

the lion king remake tone

’90s kids may remember experiencing their first trauma while watching the beloved 1994 animated The Lion King, a film that depicted the surprisingly dark elements of death and betrayal. It’s a tradition that director Jon Favreau will have to uphold in his upcoming remake of The Lion King, which will feature photorealistic CGI versions of the cute cartoon animals that nonetheless turned many a poor child into a sobbing mess.

But with that new layer realism comes a new responsibility for Favreau: how will he balance the story’s dark elements in The Lion King remake story and tone? In a set visit interview with /Film, Favreau explained how he struck that balance between making a realistic tragedy and appealing to today’s children.

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Jon Favreau interview

In December 2017, I drove to Playa Vista, California to visit the set of Disney’s The Lion King. Our full set visit report is still under embargo for now, but we are allowed to publish our conversation with director Jon Favreau, who joined our small group of journalists for an extended interview.

Much of the set visit was spent discussing the technical aspects of how the film was coming together, but this talk with Favreau is a bit more personal. He explained why he wanted to make this movie (despite the fact that the animated original “still holds up really, really well”), what speaks to him about this story, crafting the tone of the movie, how different this is from the animated version, this film’s music, and why he cast Donald Glover and Beyonce in the lead roles. Read the highlights of our Jon Favreau interview below. Read More »

The Lion King Box Office

We’re still eight weeks out from the release of Disney’s “live-action” remake of The Lion King, but audiences are already very excited to see what the visual effects extravaganza has to offer. The early box office tracking for The Lion King is predicting a huge opening weekend for the remake, one that would probably give it one of the biggest opening weekends of the summer, and likely the entire year. Read More »

the lion king trailer

Be prepared for a double dose of Disney nostalgia this summer, with both The Lion King and Aladdin set to bring our favorite animated classics to live-action life. Though in the case of The Lion King, it’s not quite live-action as the entire film is done in CG animation. However, as we see in the first official The Lion King trailer, that CG animation is breathtakingly beautiful. Watch the trailer below.

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the lion king footage reaction

Other than a teaser that recreated the iconic opening scene of the original animated classic, audiences have seen very little of Disney’s new The Lion King remake. Don’t call it “live-action” – it’s technically a “photorealistic computer animated movie”, with director Jon Favreau employing new technology to create realistic animal characters. /Film’s Peter Sciretta and Ben Pearson were able to watch some new footage of the film at CinemaCon and here’s what they saw.

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