In a new interview with The Onion in which he discusses everything from Dawn of the Dead to sperm cells, the RZA let it be known that a biopic on Ol’ Dirty Bastard, the late id of the Wu-Tang Clan, is in early discussion stages. The highlight of Funny People also updated on his hands-on role on The Last Dragon remake and his directorial debut, the kung-fu flick The Man With the Iron Fist, under the tutelage of his pal Eli Roth. Supremely good stuff…

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Columbia Pictures’ is remaking Berry Gordy’s 1985 cult classic martial arts film The Last Dragon. Samuel L Jackson will star as the film’s villain – Sho’nuff, the Shogun of Harlem, a character played by Julius Carry in the original film.

Set in New York City, the story follows a black teenage martial arts student and aspiring martial artist named Leroy Green, who goes on a quest to achieve The Final Level and a mystical energy called The Glow. On his way to becoming The Last Dragon, he must confront villians like a crooked arcade mogul named Eddie Arkadian and the evil Sho’nuff (Jackson).

Aspects of the film have been incorporated into modern day hip hop culture. Dallas Jackson, who heads up the urban family label DJ Classicz, is writing the script. Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA is co-producing.

Jack’s character, Sho’nuff was known for asking questions like “Am I the baddest mofo lowdown around this town?” His gang members would answer, “Sho ’nuff!”

source: THR

Sho’Nuff Is Dead. RIP, Sho’Nuff.

Yes, it seems the rumors are true. Dammit. Slashfilm would like to call a time-out and mourn the passing of Sho’Nuff, the nefarious “shogun of Harlem” in The Last Dragon, and one of the prettiest and meanest villains in all of cinema. Sho’Nuff was also known as actor Julius Carry. He was 56. RIP, Sho’Nuff.

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