the Last Days Of American Crime trailer

What if all crime was made nearly impossibly by a new technology developed by the government? That’s the premise of The Last Days of American Crime, a Netflix thriller based on the graphic novel of the same name by Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini. Set in a world where a signal can make it impossible for anyone to commit crimes, Edgar Ramirez stars as a career criminal who teams up with famous gangster (Michael C. Pitt) for one last heist. Watch The Last Days of American Crime trailer.

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In late 2009 we reported that Sam Worthington would produce and star in an adaptation of the graphic novel The Last Days of American Crime, but we’ve heard basically zip about the project since then. Now, just as the market action is about to begin at Cannes, there is some news: F. Gary Gray (Law Abiding Citizen, The Italian Job, Friday) has been tapped to direct. Read More »


UPDATE: Comics2Film’s scoop was on the money; this evening a press release came in announcing the project, and saying that Worthington was producing in addition to starring. Full release is at the bottom. Original article follows.

If you’re making a big budget action or genre picture these days, one of the first names to attach seems to be Sam Worthington. That’s what working with Cameron and being in a Terminator movie will do for a guy. And, despite the highly forgettable nature of Terminator: Salvation, I liked Worthington well enough in the film. Not as much as I enjoyed Anton Yelchin, but no big deal.

But I still have a ‘wait and see’ attitude for anything announced (or, in some cases, ‘announced’) with Worthington as a primary attachment. Tell me the guy may topline a heist film with sci-fi overtones, however, and I perk up really fast. Read More »