Just the other day we talked about the fact that Alex Pettyfer, Jennifer Lawrence and Jeff Bridges might take roles in The Last Apprentice, based on the novel series of the same name by Joseph Delaney. (They’re known as The Wardstone Chronicles in the UK.)  Well, the film has been renamed The Seventh Son, and it looks as if Jeff Bridges is the first to formally take the plunge. Read More »

In what could reasonably be deemed a move to capitalize on the success of Twilight, studios are buying up the rights to any and all young adult book series with a built-in following. And apparently, they’re all vying for Alex Pettyfer to headline the resulting adaptations. Pettyfer already starred in the first film of the failed franchise Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker — based on a young adult novel — and next up he has I Am Number Four from director DJ Caruso — also based on a young adult novel — and the modern day “Beauty and the Beast” reimagining Beastly — based on, you guessed it, a young adult novel. He was also set to be starring in an adaptation of the young adult series The Mortal Instruments, but now, it looks as though he’s moved on… To another adaptation of a young adult series.

Is Alex Pettyfer poised to be the next teen heartthrob a la Robert Pattinson? The studios sure seem intent on making that a reality. And hell, with the way things are shaping up, he may actually eclipse Pattinson within the year. (Pun regretfully intended.) Read More »