The Killing Room

The Killing Room is part SAW (without the torture porn), part Cube (minus the sci-fi), but with a more psychological edge. The film tells the story of four volunteers who sign up for what initially appears to be a typical paid research study, only to discover that they’ve unwittingly become involved with a classified government program that was said to have been terminated nearly two decades ago. The super classified government program to test the nature and limits of the human psyche. Starring Nick Cannon, Timothy Hutton, Peter Stormare, Chloe Segivny, Shea Whigam and Clea DuVall.

I got a chance to see this film at Sundance this year, and horror director Jonathan Liebesman crafted a nice little minimalist thriller. You can watch an early trailer for the film embedded after the jump. The video quality isn’t perfect (seems like some interlacing issues) but it is very watchable.

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Sundance Movie Review: The Killing Room

So, you respond to a psychological research study advertisement in the classifieds and find yourself in a big white room with three other test subjects. In the middle of the room are metal chairs and tables, everything bolted to the ground. Small vents in the floor, bigger ones in the ceiling, and a two-way mirror glass observation window above.

After filling out a small paper test and surrendering all your valuables (including cellphones and wallets), the person in change of the test study explains that it will last all day. After each task, one member will be asked to leave in an elimination style. And then the man conducting a test removes a gun and shoots one of the test subjects in the head and exits, the vault like door closes shut behind him. What do you do?
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