Might tiny humans be the next big-screen trend? Probably not, but there are a couple of them headed toward the big screen in the near(ish) future. As Marvel readies Ant-Man, MGM has acquired the rights to The Shrinking Man, the classic sci-fi novel by Richard Matheson. The same source material inspired the 1957 movie The Incredible Shrinking Man, so it’s a reboot of sorts.

To help bring the story to life, the studio has hired two writers who should be intimately familiar with the original book. The 86-year-old Matheson will pen the screenplay with his son Richard Matheson Jr., updating the plot to keep up with the times. More details after the jump.

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“Mayonaise. Nom nom nom.”

ism.jpgPssssssst, put your ear up to the monitor. Here that? That’s the sound of so many strikes at a bowling alley. Brett Ratner and Eddie Murphy: together at last for a presumably plastic potty-humored family comedy! Ratner is in talks to helm a remake of the 1957 movie The Incredible Shrinking Man for Universal, with Murphy circling the lead. The script is by Thomas Lennon and Reno 9-11‘s Robert Ben Garant (The Pacifier, Night at the Museum), and HR reports that it tells the tale of a Las Vegas magician who falls under a spell that causes him to lure ’00s Eddie Murphy gradually shrink to the point of disappearing. Brian Grazer will produce.

In related but not related discussion, where this leaves Ratner’s biopic about Hugh Hefner is unforeseen. Rick Moranis has not yet chimed in on his feelings about Ratner invading his “shrink” territory. I predict $200 million at the box office, and $230 mill if there’s a talking dog, cat, bumble bee and/or Murphy rides on top of said creatures. Sleep soundly tonight imagining what Ratner’s vision for a “Las Vegas magician” will look like.

Discuss: If you were forced to choose between watching one Ratner movie Clockwork Orange-style non-stop for three months or lopping off your pinkie after four huge margaritas, which? And Money Talks is excluded.