The Hills Have Eyes 2 NOT screened for Press?

The Hills Have Eyes 2I just got word that Fox Atomic will not be screening The Hills Have Eyes 2 for press. This is very disappointing, as I much enjoyed last year’s remake (probably a lot more than I should have). I don’t understand why Fox would be so afraid to let critics into the advance screenings in the first place? Could the movie really be that bad? Does the studio really believe that horror fans won’t buy tickets because a movie review they read on the inetenet said it wasn’t good? When was the last time a horror film got great reviews anyway? And how often do the badly reviewed films make big bucks at the box office?

There is obviously a disconnect between critic and average movie-goer opinion when it comes to genre films. It’s too big of an issue to go into here. 300 is the biggest recent example, receiving huge praise from the general public but average to bad reviews in print. But it didn’t seem to hurt 300 did it? The average to negative reviews just added to the mega-publicity push.

And I’m definitely not saying that the critic’s job has become obsolete. We are needed now more than ever in a world of the long tail. We are a filter to champion smaller releases and non genre films. We still have a place in this new digital world.


Check out these new stills from The Hills Have Eyes 2.

George Lucas is now claiming that the live action Star Wars television show is still
“years away.” He suggests that a “second animated series” might be produced before than.

Laughing Squid always has great photos. This time they invaded the 2007 WonderCon in San Francisco (as seen above). Check them out at

FirstShowing overheard ComicCon officials discussing a confirmed Angelina Jolie appearance at the convention in July. Could this mean she is officially in Sin City 2?

Variety speculates how many people 300 will draw to theaters. The studio has decided to market the film to young women due to test audience results (could those results be swayed by fangirls?). Is Warner Bros wasting their money? Call me crazy but I just don’t think this film will appeal to women outside of the Gerry fan club. I could be wrong. (I’m pretty sure the film will perform strong, possibly higher than Sin City) But We’ll see.

The Hills Have Eyes 2 Movie Trailer

The Hills Have Eyes 2

The remake of Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes wasn’t half bad. In a world of post modern teen horror flicks, half bad is actually a good thing. When Fox Atomic quickly ordered a sequel, conveniently titled The Hills Have Eyes 2, we were worried it would suck. The teaser trailer showed promise, even despite the b-level plot. And now Fox Atomic has revealed the full length feature movie trailer.
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