Great British Baking Show Collection 8

The world can be cruel and harsh, especially these days. Which is why we need the almost painfully polite warmth of The Great British Baking Show now more than ever. New episodes of the beloved baking competition – which is called The Great British Bake-Off in the UK – are coming to Netflix starting this week. A new episode will drop this Friday, followed by additional episodes in the Fridays to come.

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netflix weekly releases

It’s been less than a decade since Netflix pioneered the binge model, releasing the episodes of its original titles like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black all at once, thereby disrupting the television industry and changing how we all watch TV. But now, as intimidating competitors like Disney+ begin to emerge, Netflix may be changing how it does things.

The streaming platform is reportedly testing out weekly releases for a few titles, including the The Great British Baking Show, which shifted from a binge release to week-to-week this season. With that change for this incredibly popular reality series, could more Netflix weekly releases be in the future?

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The Movies and TV Shows We’re Thankful For in 2017

Movies We're Thankful For

The /Film crew is taking Thanksgiving off to be with their families. But since we consider you, our readers, to be friends of the family, we’re inviting you to our table. Join us as we share a meal of the movies and shows that matter the most to us right now, the entertainment that we’re thankful to have in 2017. You can’t go wrong with watching any of these over the holidays.

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