There has been a bunch of television news today, so I thought I’d do a tv news wrap-up.

Bad news for Joss Whedon fans, Fox has given Dollhouse a Friday night slot, which is notoriously bad for television shows. AICN notes that at least thirteen other sci-fi shows (including Whedon’s own Firefly) were put in the Friday night time slot before they were cancelled. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles will also be moved into the Friday block. Doesn’t sound good.

Thankfully, The CW and Warner Bros Television have been forced to cancel plans for The Graysons, a Smallville-like look at Batman’s sidekick Dick Grayson in his pre-Robin days. Jeff Robinov changed his mind because “the concept doesn’t fit the current strategy for the Batman franchise”. A Variety insider says that Christopher Nolan never signed off on the concept and was uncomfortable with the show being sold based off the film franchise. Either way, I think they dodged a huge bullet. As much as Smallville now sucks, at least Superman has powers (even if he can’t “fly with a cape”). I never understood what would be the appeal of a powerless pre-Robin television series.

THR reports that Reiko Aylesworth (who played Michelle Dessler on 24) has been cast in at least four episodes of the next season of LOST. Aylesworth will play Amy, a smart and successful professional woman with a love for the outdoors, and is currently looking for the right man.

Dylan McDermott (The Practice) has been hired to star in Jerry Bruckheimer’s character-based police drama for TNT titled The Line. McDermott will play a veteran officer who “created and is running the secret unit, trying to strike a balance in his personal and professional relationships with his underlings.” [THR]

Now that Smallville is clearly coming to an end (I, like many others, gave up on the show a couple years ago, well after I should have), the CW is trying to plan for the future. Smallville executive producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson are teaming with McG to produce a pilot for The Graysons, based on pre-Batman days of Batman’s sidekick Robin. The show will follow Dick “DJ” Grayson, his family, first loves, and young rivals. The series will be set in modern times and will have a one-hour running time.

Not much else has been revealed at this time, but the nickname “DJ” doesn’t give me much hope. I wonder if the film will follow the Greysons as they perform in a traveling circus? Souders and Peterson claim to have an original take on the character. I seriously doubt a television series like this could even be interesting. The only reason Smallville works at all is the fact that Clark has superpowers. Who cares about Dick Grayson before he put on the tights? If they’re going to make a show about a family, why not just create something original?

And what’s with the fascination of seeing television shows with superheros before they become superheroes? Now that we’re living in a post Batman Begins world, I’d love to see a real superhero television show done right. I know I’ve said this before, but Daredevil would be a great television show because it could be part court room drama and part superhero adventure.