The Dirty Dozen remake

A couple of weeks ago, word came out that Suicide Squad director David Ayer was in negotiations to write and direct a remake of The Dirty Dozen, the 1967 classic about an Army major who must lead twelve dangerous convicts behind enemy lines for an assassination mission during World War II. Now Ayer has offered a bit more insight into his approach for the new version, including confirming that his movie will be set during modern day and revealing that he sees it as the possible start of an ongoing action franchise. Read More »

Suicide Squad Dirty Dozen

The “men on a mission” movie is a concept that goes back decades, and which was honored most prominently in recent years by Quentin Tarantino in Inglourious Basterds. One of the most famous films in that zone is The Dirty Dozen, in which Lee Marvin played an OSS officer tasked with recruiting a bunch of criminals and ne’er-do-wells to undertake a D-Day prep mission that was almost certainly a suicide run.

The comic book team Suicide Squad takes inspiration from that cinematic idea, and David Ayer‘s upcoming film of the same name is certainly indebted to the concept as Amanda Waller (played by Viola Davis) recruits a crew of super-powered bad guys (and bad women) to undertake its own mission. At this point we don’t even know what that mission is, but that hasn’t stopped an editor from cutting officially-released footage together with old trailer audio to make a Suicide Squad Dirty Dozen mashup.  Read More »

We’ve all seen Back to the Future. But have any of us seen it with Aziz Ansari? Same goes for Raising Arizona. We’ve all seen it, but never with Nick Kroll. And those are just two of the awesome opportunities coming up during the 2nd Annual Wayne Federman Film Festival, which takes place from February 28-March 2 at the Cinefamily in Los Angeles, CA and features six amazing movie screening with six amazing comedians.

Federman is one of those classic “that guy” actors everyone knows and he came up with the idea to get a bunch of famous stand-up comedians to pick films that inspire them, introduce, screen and talk about them. So that’s what going to happen. The full schedule is below. Read More »