WEEDS (season 5)

The previous three episodes of Weeds were the breeziest of the season and decidedly welcome after the brick-cold start. However, by now viewers are conditioned to expect another hellish crescendo to fall upon the resilient Botwins. It’s like dysfunctional clockwork. And these days, even the lighthearted eps dance inside an atmosphere of widespread murder and violent threat. So, before things get all gloomy again, let’s take a look at last week’s ep, “Van Nuys.” The ep introduced viewers to a bit of gross, titular, pregnancy-related slang courtesy of a very experienced Andy. It also marked the introduction of Dr. Audra Kitson, a seemingly open-minded, open-eared obstetrician, in a recurring guest role for Alanis Morissette (Dogma, movie theaters).

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