We’re in the current of a raging river of Kevin Williamson at the moment, with Scream 4 news popping up almost every day and his new TV series The Vampire Diaries – which I’ve yet to see any of, being in the UK – proving to be a fairly strong performer. It’s just like 1998 all over again when Scream 2 was giving way to hype for Scream 3 and Dawson’s Creek was clogging up the pages of TV Guide. I’m pretty happy about this comeback myself. I like Williamson and I definitely love Scream.

As well as revving up his own horror franchise for another spin around the block, Williamson has another gig in his datebook. Between completing the Scream 4 script and embarking on the pages for the fifth, he’s set to write and direct a remake of Curtis Hanson’s The Bedroom Window. Actually, as the film was derived from a novel by Anne Holden called The Witnesses, I’m a little surprised to hear the new film touted as a remake and not, as the trend has been of late, a new adaptation of the source material (see everything from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to the Coens’ True Grit).

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