The Beastmaster Lost Film Negative

The Beastmaster is a 1982 movie about a warrior named Dar, the son of a king who is taken to live with another family as a baby in order to be protected from a priest trying to kill him in order to prevent a prophecy from being fulfilled. After he grows up, his adoptive father is killed by savages, and Dar is left to discover the past on his own, including somehow having the ability to communicate telepathically with animals, which will help him immensely on his path toward revenge.

Since the movie’s release, there have been two sequels and a syndicated TV show, but it’s the original that fans love for all its cheesy fantasy glory. Hopefully that love will lead fans to help director and co-writer Don Coscarelli track down the original film negative of the movie, which has gone missing entirely. Can anyone out there talk to animals? Read More »