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Once a streaming platform has been launched, you don’t quite expect its creators to go back to traditional TV programming, but if Netflix can do it, so can HBO Max. But HBO Max is only heading to television for a special Thanksgiving event: the streaming platform is teaming up with WarnerMedia TV channels to bring Max Originals like Titans and The Flight Attendant, and marathons of DC movies and Friends to TNT, TBS, and truTV.

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Eli Roth‘s fake trailer for a horror film called Thanksgiving was one of the highlights of both the omnibus feature Grindhouse and Roth’s own career. And for years since the debut of Grindhouse Roth has discussed making a feature version based on the idea. But we’ve heard of little forward momentum on the project in quite some time.

Now Roth says that he and other writers have broken the story idea, and will shortly be cranking out a script. Perhaps by fall 2013 we’ll finally be able to dig into a little horror feast. Read More »

The old saying goes that the greatest gift a man of considerable resources can give a friend is immortality. After basking in the intoxicating, cocksure beauty that is Inglourious Basterds, it’s clear that Quentin Tarantino has done this for his pal, the horror director Eli Roth, by casting him as Jewish-American soldier Sgt. Donny Donowitz. Proudly nicknamed The Bear Jew by his fellow Basterds, Donowitz’s preferred method of Nazi disposal involves an American baseball bat accented with the names of Jewish survivors and supporters. Minding spoilers, Donowitz is largely responsible for the most unanimous, violent act of revenge fantasy for an entire Jewish people. It’s a helluva role to have on any filmography, one sure to become storied with time; and now it’s forever on Roth’s, right above “alleged torture-porn purveyor and creator of the Hostel franchise.”
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Eli Roth Not Involved With Hostel III


Eli Roth has been doing some phone interviews over the last couple days to promote Inglorious Basterds, and Shock Till You Drop got a lot of info out of the director about various upcoming projects. Most notably, he says that he’s learned that he really only wants to direct original stories that he writes. And while the idea of doing sequels hasn’t been ruled out, Roth has nothing to do with Hostel III, of which he says “If I started something and other people want to continue it, go for it. I’m just not involved in any way.” So what is Roth doing? Read More »


Empire Magazine spoke to Eli Roth at Cannes, and have now (almost a week after everybody got home from the festival) seen fit to reveal what the conversation uncovered. As discussed before, Roth is planning to shoot a feature length expansion of his Grindhouse trailer Thanksgiving, and to do it fast, quick and cheap. He’s restating that the film will be shot in just eighteen days, and compares the approach to how he shot his film-within-the-film for Inglourious Basterds. That full quote after the break, as well as a little on his imminent sci-fi epic, now revealed to be called Endangered Species.

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“I’m almost done with my new script,” says Eli Roth to MTV. “Yippee” says Brendon to the dog and an episode of Desperate Housewives which is only on by accident.

According to a new interview with the director, he’s planning to shoot n $80 million actioner this fall and then, in the immediate three weeks following, bash out a feature length version of Thanksgiving for $5 million. Those are, I’m sure, figures he just pulled out of the air but they tell the story.

We’ve heard of the sci-fi blockbuster before, when we learned that Roth envisioned it as “PG-13” but with some extra stuff in standby to make for an unrated DVD, and when he first made the Transformers/Cloverfield comparison. The picture now has a working title, but Roth won’t reveal it yet. He was ready, however, to talk the film up somewhat.

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Thanksgiving t-shirt and Poster

“Arrive hungry…leave stuffed.”

Eli Roth‘s movie trailer for a fake horror movie titled Thanksgiving was one of the most talked about parts of Grindhouse. Even the outspoken crowd of Roth-bashers seemed to like Roth’s hilarious take on the Holiday slasher flicks. Ever since Thanksgiving hit theaters, Roth has been fielding requests from fans for a feature length version of the idea. And while I’m not sure that’s a good idea (I think the trailer works because it is a series of greats slasher movie money shots, and like most great SNL sketches, wouldn’t translate to a 90+ minute movie), but Roth has promised a second helping of Thanksgiving in his upcoming Trailer Trash feature. Roth says “Why make a whole movie when you can just go film the best parts?” And I completely agree. But NECA Toys have plans to release some Thanksgiving merchandise for the interested fans.

“The first step towards turning a fake trailer into a real movie is to convince the unsuspecting public that it actually exists, and what better way to do that than with a Thanksgiving t-shirt and poster of the Dan Frisch turkey?? They will be for sale at Hot Topic,” says Roth. “We’re planning on doing more stuff, including action figures, depending on what the demand is. And who knows? It may even turn into a real movie one day…”

If you don’t live near a Hot Topic you can buy both the t-shirt and poster off the Hot Topic Website.

Eli RothLast week I went to a screening of Hostel: Part II (which I really enjoyed). Eli Roth was in attendance and did a question and answer session following the screening. It was the first time Hostel 2 was screened for the public, so Roth was relieved to see that the audience loved the film. We recorded the Q&A, and are posting it for your enjoyment. Be warned, Roth does talk about some of the film’s plot points and twists. So if you haven’t yet seen the film, you might want to shy away. Also note that their is a brief pause where our recorder stopped for 30 seconds. Luckily we didn’t miss much. Note: This is not an interview. We will return tomorrow with that.

Running Time: 34 minutes


A time-coded chapter listing can be found after the jump.

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