“There are monsters out there,” Ted Raimi states emphatically at the Shelter-In-Place edition of Telluride Horror Show. Hosted by Fangoria’s Meredith Borders, Raimi has everyone in stitches in the Deathly Spirits chat, a virtual cocktail hour offering viewers an opportunity to mix Ted’s drink recipes and engage with the genre favorite after the screening of his new short film Red Light. Hoping to turn this short film into a full length feature project, Raimi explains how initially, the plan was to just go ahead and make the movie. Sadly, like many in the entertainment industry, the outbreak of COVID-19 put plans on hold.

“We shot a proof of concept, it was never meant to be a short, but then COVID hit and we were boned,” says Raimi. “Like everybody else in the world, our plans got waylaid. We thought, what are we gonna do? We can’t take this to producers now. We thought well, let’s take it to film festivals. We can do that. Even though they’re virtual, like this awesome one. We’re just pleased as punch that it’s here. We’re looking for finance right now, and with the amount of positive response it’s gotten, I can’t imagine it’ll be long.”

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Ash vs Evil Dead

San Diego Comic-Con tries its best to stay family-friendly. Every once in a while, the powers that be deem some footage too mature for kids in attendance. That’s what happened with the latest trailer for Ash vs Evil Dead season two, which features plenty of limbs flying through the air and some great, messy practical blood effects.

Below, watch the Ash vs Evil Dead Banned Comic Con trailer.

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