2021 TCM Classic Film Festival Scorsese

The 2021 TCM Classic Film Festival is being presented virtually on TCM and HBO Max next month, and it will bring with it two new introductions from Martin Scorsese. Scorsese will (virtually) be on hand to introduce both Goodfellas and Mean Streets for the fest, which means we’ll get to hear one of our greatest living filmmakers talk about his filmmaking, and honestly, you can’t beat that, folks. An excerpt from Scorsese’s Goodfellas introduction is available below.

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tcm classic film festival 2021

The TCM Classic Film Festival may be going virtual for a second year in a row, but at least it has Bob Odenkirk doing a table read of Ed Wood’s infamous Plan 9 From Outer Space. The bad-movie-turned-cult-classic is part of the TCM Classic Film Festival 2021 slate, which runs from May 6 to May 9, 2021 on TCM and HBO Max.

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2021 TCM Classic Film Festival

Since the coronavirus pandemic continues to make it unsafe to gather in public spaces, the TCM Classic Film Festival will again be a virtual event this May. Viewers will be able to watch more than 80 classic movies on Turner Classic Movies and HBO Max. Starting with West Side Story, screenings will be accompanied by various feature discussions and interviews with special guests and TCM hosts, panels, presentations and rare behind-the-scenes footage. Find out more below. Read More »

film festival at home editions

Film festivals have long been a place where movie lovers can congregate and share their love of cinema together, often in a ritzy theater where a movie star may make an appearance. But the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has all but halted the film festival season, and many have been forced to postpone or cancel completely to curb the spread of the virus. But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate cinema from the comfort of our couches.

The TCM Classic Film Festival and The Found Footage Festival are holding special at-home editions of their festivals for fans of classic films and bizarre VHS discoveries, respectively. Here’s how you can participate in these film festival at home editions.
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