Swamp Thing cast Kevin Durand

DC Universe’s Swamp Thing series continues to amass actors. The latest: Kevin Durand, who appeared on LostLegion and more, has come aboard the Swamp Thing cast as Dr. Jason Woodrue, a character who eventually becomes the super-villain Floronic Man. Swamp Thing brings the monstrous comic book character created by by writer Len Wein and artist Bernie Wrightson to life, placing it alongside other DC Universe shows like Titans and Doom Patrol.

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Veronica Mars cast

Yesterday’s revival of The 4400 was Exhibit 9,457 in the ongoing case of Hollywood’s reliance on established intellectual property, and two upcoming TV shows, Veronica Mars and Swamp Thing, are both squarely in that category as well. New casting information for both shows has been revealed, and you can learn about the newest cast members below. Read More »

swamp thing tv series cast

Andy Bean, who plays the adult Stan in the upcoming It Chapter Two, has joined the Swamp Thing TV series cast. Bean will play Alec Holland, the man destined to become Swamp Thing. Derek Mears will take over for Bean after the character transforms into Swamp Thing. Mears had been rumored for the part before, but now it’s official. The Swamp Thing TV series is headed to the DC streaming service DC Universe, where it joins Titans, the animated Harley Quinn, and more.

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swamp thing cast

Meet the Sunderlands. Will Patton and Virginia Madsen have been cast as Avery and Maria Sunderland, respectively, in DC Universe’s upcoming Swamp Thing. The pair will be joining the Swamp Thing cast, which already includes Crystal Reed, and Maria Sten.

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DC Universe Shows

Over the weekend, the DC Universe subscription service officially launched, giving fans access to loads of comic books, movies, animated series and more from the world of DC Comics. The crown jewel of the DC Universe subscription won’t arrive in October when the original series Titans debuts, but once it does, it will be the beginning of a constant stream of original programming week after week.

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Don’t let his monstrous appearance fool you – Swamp Thing is one of DC Comics’ most soulful characters, a melancholic plant creature with an ongoing existential crisis and the weight of the Earth’s ecosystems on his shoulders. So for the new television series coming to the DC Universe streaming service, it’s only appropriate that they’re looking to cast an actual actor to fill out that mossy green suit.

According to a new report, Derek Mears has emerged as a frontrunner for the role of Swampy, and that’s some fine casting.

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swamp thing cast

Crystal Reed just can’t stop falling in love with supernatural beasts. The former Teen Wolf star is moving on to another supernatural property with the DC Universe’s Swamp Thing TV series produced by James Wan’s Atomic Monster.

The Swamp Thing cast has tapped Reed as the female lead and the titular creature’s frequent love interest, Abby Arcane. She’ll be joined by Maria Sten, who has been cast opposite Reed as Abby’s childhood friend Liz Tremayne.

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