survive trailer

Quibi, the streaming service specializing in short-form content, is arriving next month, and none of us know what to make of it yet. The concept of “quick bite” content that you stream on your phone will likely appeal to some and horrify others. Then there’s the quality of that content – there are a lot of weird programs headed to the service. Stuff like Murder House Flip, which is exactly what it sounds like, and Dishmantled, a cooking show where chefs get shot in the face with food. But then there’s more traditional stuff, like Survive – a series that stars Sophie Turner. The Game of Thrones vet plays a suicidal woman who survives a plane crash, and then has to fight her way through the wilderness with the only other survivor, played by Corey Hawkins. Watch the Survive trailer below.

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survive teaser

Sophie Turner just can’t escape the winter. The Game of Thrones actress stars alongside Corey Hawkins in an upcoming Quibi series Survive, an action thriller series following two survivors of a plane crash on a remote snow-covered mountain. It’s pretty self-explanatory what the two must do. Watch the Survive teaser below.

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Stranger Things Matt and Ross Duffer

It’s been over a month since Netflix dropped Stranger Things on an unsuspecting public, and we still can’t stop talking about our new obsession. After the jump:

  • Watch Millie Bobby Brown get her Eleven haircut.
  • Cast members take on the 22 Pushup Challenge.
  • How did Stranger Things get its distinct sound?
  • And where can you hear more of SURVIVE‘s incredible music?
  • Check out some amazing / hilarious Stranger Things cosplay.
  • A couple of essays praise the girls and women of Stranger Things.
  • Don’t call the Duffers an “overnight sensation.”
  • A fan theory digs into how Eleven and Demogorgon might be connected.
  • Show your Stranger Things love with a couple of cool t-shirts.

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