Olympics postponed

UpdateThe Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games have officially been postponed until at least summer 2021 to “safeguard the health of the athletes and everyone involved,” according to the The Tokyo Organising Committee. Our original story continues below.

The 2020 Summer Olympics, which would have taken place in Tokyo in July and August, are almost certainly going to be postponed due to the coronavirus (aka COVID-19). While the Olympics have been canceled in the past because of war, this is the first time they’ve ever been suspended.

One committee member has said an internal decision has already been made to delay the games, likely until 2021, while a spokesman for NBC Sports, who would have broadcasted the games, seems to indicate that they haven’t heard the final word quite yet, but that they’re willing to stand by the decision to suspend the games if that’s what the voting body opts to do. Read More »

Olympic Athletes Favorite Sports Movies

As has become customary every four years, everyone is talking about the Olympics. While the conversation this year seems to mostly be about the conditions surrounding the games in Rio, Brazil this year, it’s still one of the most buzzed about topics right now, and even people who don’t care about the global sporting event end up pretending to just to be part of the conversation.

Now we have a reason to talk about the 2016 Olympics a bit (besides the new Rogue One trailer coming during the games later this week) as some of this year’s star athletes from Team USA have taken the time to share their favorite sports movies of all time. Did you favorite sports movies make the cut? Find out what the Team USA favorite sports movies the jump. Read More »


Briefly: The 2012 Summer Olympic Games will take place in London in July and August of that year, and the Olympic organizers are already wooing talent to contribute to the event. After Zhang Yimou put together the opening ceremony for the 2008 Games, a certain standard has been set. So London organizers reportedly have their sights set on a hometown boy: one Danny Boyle.

The Times Online quotes one source saying that “nothing has been signed yet, but we do fully expect him to do it.” Another source was quoted saying that the committee wants “the most imaginative ceremony the world has ever seen.” As The Playlist correctly notes, one of the biggest challenges Boyle or any other director could face would be doing something that isn’t laughable with the weird mascots for the 2012 games, Wenlock and Mandeville.

Long before this happens we’ll see Boyle’s next film, 127 Hours, the story of mountain climber Aron Ralston, starring James Franco.