James Gunn and the Humanzee Cast

A while back, director James Gunn (Slither) produced a series of shorts for Xbox Live that gathered together some of the new talent in horror films today. Dubbed Horror Does Comedy, the series was supposed to allow Gunn and other horror directors like James Wan (Saw) and David Slade (Hard Candy) creative freedom to produce some quick and dirty content exclusively for Xbox Live. Unfortunately, according to a blog post by Gunn, the process was more akin to an elaborate torture scene from Saw.

He describes his first short, Humanzee, as “the most balls out, fucked up thing” he’s ever done. Unfortunately, it was a bit too much for the Xbox folks and it was never aired. Gunn recovered the rights to Humanzee and then went on to develop Sparky and Mikaela, the superhero crime fighting tale of a young girl and her best friend (who happens to be a racoon). The Xbox folks said they would approve of it as long as it was along the lines of PG-13 with no sex, but apparently the finished product freaked them out again. Read More »