space jam a new legacy trailer

Ready player…jam! A new Space Jam: A New Legacy trailer has been released, and it’s pitting the Tune Squad against the Goon Squad in the highly anticipated sequel to the beloved 1996 live-action/animation hybrid film, Space Jam. But this time, current NBA legend LeBron James lends the Looney Tunes a helping hand, while they aid him in his rescue mission for his son from an evil AI. Watch the new Space Jam: A New Legacy trailer below.

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space jam a new legacy 30 for 30

Even Looney Tunes deserve the sleek 30 for 30 documentary treatment from ESPN. The sports network has dropped a fun featurette ahead of the release of Space Jam: A New Legacy in the style of its acclaimed documentary series 30 for 30, which highlight famous athletes’ careers and legacies. Those documentaries are thorough and well-researched, featuring interviews with people who were present for amazing events and incredible archival footage.

And now, we have a Space Jam: A New Legacy 30 for 30 documentary to spotlight the beloved Tune Squad.

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Space Jam: A New Legacy Cereal

Come and slam, and welcome to the jam! No, not toast and jam, but the Space Jam, which is coming back to the big screen with a new sequel starring NBA superstar LeBron James and the Looney Tunes. Since you’ll be spending so much time spotting a an endless assembly of Warner Bros. movie and TV characters watching the game when you catch the movie at home on HBO Max, you’ll need the new Space Jam: A New Legacy cereal to help pass the time. Read More »

Is Michael Jordan in Space Jam 2

Space Jam: A New Legacy is passing the torch of hybrid animated basketball games with the Looney Tunes to NBA pro LeBron James. However, according to the sequel’s villain, Don Cheadle, the original Space Jam superstar Michael Jordan will be making an appearance in some capacity. But apparently the Chicago Bulls champion will be appearing in an unexpected way. Read More »

space jam a new legacy goon squad

Who do we have going up against our beloved Toon Squad in the anticipated sports comedy sequel Space Jam: A New Legacy? Why, the Goon Squad, of course. A group of powered-up virtual avatars of professional basketball stars team up against LeBron James and the Looney Tunes in the long-awaited Space Jam sequel, and we’ve finally got a preview of what these Goons look like thanks to a series of new character posters released by Warner Bros.

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Space Jam: A New Legacy Easter Eggs

The first trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacy arrived over the weekend, and there were plenty of fun background details to notice. After all, the film is set in the “Warner 3000 Server-verse,” which contains all of the characters from Warner Bros. movies and TV shows. But there are a lot of them to keep track of, so the studio released a little Easter egg hunt video to point out some of the details you might have missed.
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Space Jam: A New Legacy - New Lola Bunny Voice

Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise co-star Zendaya has already found fame in animation as the voice of Meechee in the chilly family film Smallfoot. LeBron James also starred in the Warner Animation Group movie about a family of yeti who are surprised to encounter a mythical human. Now the two will team up in the cartoon world again because Zendaya will be heard as the new voice of Lola Bunny in the upcoming Space Jam: A New Legacy, which debuted its first trailer yesterday. Read More »

Space Jam 2 Trailer

Space Jam, the 1996 live-action/animation hybrid film starring NBA legend Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes, was birthed out of a Nike ad campaign. The upcoming sequel, Space Jam: A New Legacy, was seemingly birthed out of a collective nostalgia for that original movie, and the desire to give current NBA legend LeBron James a starring role to match his on-court hero. Are you ready for some Tunes versus Goons action? Because the first trailer has arrived, and you can watch it below. Read More »

Space Jam: A New Legacy Teaser

LeBron James will follow in the footsteps of Michael Jordan yet again this summer with the animated/live-action hybrid sequel Space Jam: A New Legacy. This time we won’t just be getting the two-dimensional version of the Looney Tunes playing basketball with an NBA superstar champion, but a favorite Looney Tunes cartoon duo has announced the forthcoming arrival of the first trailer in classic slapstick fashion. Are you ready to slam? Read More »

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Pepé Le Pew Cut from Space Jam 2

We recently learned that Space Jam: A New Legacy will feature a lot more Warner Bros. characters than the Looney Tunes. The sequel finds LeBron James and his son stuck in the Warner 3000 entertainment “Server-verse,” a digital world where the various characters of Warner Bros. movies and TV shows are found. However, one of the Looney Tunes will not be part of the gaggle of intellectual property, and that’s the romantically aggressive skunk known as Pepé Le Pew. Read More »