song of the south on disney+

In case you were still wondering: No, Song of the South will never be on Disney+. When the Disney streaming service was first announced, then-CEO Bob Iger was quoted as saying that the entire Disney library would be available to stream, which lead many to wonder if that would include the controversial 1946 Disney film as well. But when Disney+ launched, the movie was nowhere to be seen. However, other potentially controversial Disney titles were available – with disclaimers. But according to Iger, even with a disclaimer, Song of the South is a no-go for Disney+.

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You Must Remember This Podcast

Song of the South is an animated/live-action hybrid film from Walt Disney Pictures directed by Harve Foster and Wilfred Jackson which follows an innocent young boy from Atlanta named Johnny (Bobby Driscoll) who moves with his mother to his grandmother’s plantation where he learns a series of life lessons from Uncle Remus (James Baskett) in the form of stories about the animated Br’er Rabbit (voiced by Johnny Lee) and his quest to evade Br’er Fox (Baskett) and Br’er Bear (Nick Stewart). It’s the movie that made the song “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” famous. That all sounds fanciful enough, so why is this one of Disney’s most controversial movies of all time?

Released in 1946, Song of the South hasn’t been shown by Disney in any format since it hit theaters again in 1986 for the movie’s 40th anniversary (and it certainly won’t be coming to Disney+), and that’s because it’s considered to be quite antiquated, careless in its depiction of history, and even (albeit unintentionally) racist. If you find yourself wanting to know as much as you can about Song of the South, the Hollywood history podcast You Must Remember This will be diving deep into this film and its legacy for their new season beginning this week. Read More »

Last week, Disney presented the first concept image of their upcoming Shanghai Disneyland. However the image was released intentionally low res and blurry to protect the attractions from being quickly replicated by Chinese amusement parks prior to Shanghai Disneyland’s opening. However Disney and More noticed something familiar — what appears to be a mountain with a big water drop.

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Things we want:

A Darth Vader lightsaber umbrella. Only if it only wasn’t $100. It would also be cooler if the umbrella part somehow fit inside the lightsaber until you hit the release.

When will Disney finally release Song of the South on DVD

New Disney theme parks are always fun. The mouse house is considering building a new one in China.

Things we just don’t need:

A Spider-Man inspired wagging dog iPod attachment.

An overpriced Pirates of the Caribbean DVD/TV combo. Arrrrrg!

A T.A.T.U. Movie.