Sundance Main Street

Bloody Disgusting has an exclusive one-on-one interview with Jacob Gentry, one of the three directors of The Signal. Jacob described the movie as a “low budget-punk rock-scifi-horror-suspense-thriller-love story about the evil monster inside us all that is brought out when the media around us is exaggerated to the point of critical mass.” Real Synopsis: A mysterious signal is being transmitted from all media devices in the city of Terminus, provoking murder and madness within the psyches of its inhabitants.

Last year tickets to the opening night gala ended up selling for over $5,000 on ebay. Well not this year, Sundance officials warn that tickets resold online can be remotely deactivated before the film’s showing. This is a great move by Sundance, but call me just a little skeptical. How will Sundance be able to determine what ticket to deactivate? By the ebay seller’s name? What if they sell it from a friend’s account?

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