solar opposites red band trailer

Missing Rick and Morty? Then you might want to check out Solar Opposites, a new Hulu animated series from Justin Roiland (co-creator of Ricky and Morty) and Mike McMahan (former head writer of Rick and Morty). The series is now streaming on Hulu, but if you need one last push to sell you on it, there’s a new red band trailer to scandalize you below.

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Solar Opposites Review

Rick and Morty is known for insane space adventures that take the titular uncle and nephew duo (and sometimes the rest of their depressing suburban family) into grotesque, weird, violent, and disturbing planets, galaxies, alternate timelines, and various other sci-fi landscapes. You might expect more of the same from the new Hulu animated series Solar Opposites since it hails from from Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland and series writer Mike McMahan, especially since it follows a “family” of aliens stranded on Earth who are forced to deal with the dredges of humanity and suburban life. Even though the animation style, character design and sense of humor falls in line with Rick and Morty, this sidesplitting, raucously hilarious show brings something different to the table, delivering a quality, clever comedy that is somehow simultaneously darkly deranged and charmingly lighthearted. Read More »

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Streaming content is so important right now that Netflix stock recently became worth more than Disney. But the House of Mouse isn’t taking that lying down, because they have both Disney+ and Hulu bringing new content to the masses every single week. With May right around the corner, the full list of new movies and TV shows coming to each of the streaming services has been revealed, including programming for kids and adults alike. So let’s check out the TV shows and movies coming to Hulu and Disney+ starting in May. Read More »

Solar Opposites Trailer

Rick and Morty is returning on May 3 with the second half of the show’s fourth season on Adult Swim. But fans will be getting a double dose of animated comedy from co-creator Justin Roiland with a new series coming to Hulu less than a week later.

Solar Opposites follows a team of aliens whose world has been destroyed, leaving them to make an emergency landing on Earth. While waiting for a living super computer called Pupa to evolve and terraform Earth to give them a new home, these aliens must endure humanity and try to blend in, just like your average TV sitcom. Except this sitcom has grotesque aliens, wild space gadgets, plenty of accidental murder and injuries, and even some cocaine. As the new Solar Opposites trailer reveals, it’s exactly what you’d expect from the mind that brought us Rick and Morty. Read More »

Solar Opposites Trailer

If Rick and Morty doesn’t have enough animated sci-fi insanity for you to sink your teeth into, series co-creator Justin Roiland and former head writer Mike McMahan have a whole new series that you’ll probably want to watch on Hulu in May.

Solar Opposites is a new animated series following a group of aliens who barely escaped the destruction of their home world. Suddenly, they find themselves stranded on planet Earth, which they discover is a “human-infested craphole without a single redeeming value.” Yeah, that sounds about right. Now all they can do is protect the Pupa, a living super computer that will terraform Earth once it evolves into its true form…some day. Watch the Solar Opposites trailer below for a sneak peek at the series. Read More »

Alex Hirsch Netflix Deal and Justin Roiland Hulu Series

The roster of animated programming at Netflix and Hulu is about to expand in an exciting way.

Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch has landed an overall multi-year deal at Netflix to exclusively develop new series and feature films for the streaming platform. Meanwhile, Rick and Morty creator and executive producer Justin Roiland is taking a new series called Solar Opposites over to Hulu, and he’s bringing one of the writers assistants from Rick and Morty with him. Read More »