Army of the Dead Make-Up Effects

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In this edition, see how the make-up, effects, and stunt crew Zack Snyder‘s Army of the Dead brought the superpowered zombies to life. Plus, watch as some of the cast members of Saturday Night Live pitch ideas for The Queen’s Gambit sequels to series star Anya Taylor-Joy. And finally, listen as Eric Bana looks back on his career, from Hulk to Hanna and much more. Read More »

Anya Taylor-Joy Hosted Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live brought their 46th season to an end last night with Split and The Queen’s Gambit star Anya Taylor-Joy making her hosting debut. The show kicked off by reflecting on one of the weirder years in the show’s history, which returned to production with strict safety measures in place due to the coronavirus pandemic. Weirdly enough, it’s a bit nostalgic for how COVID-19 ended up bringing them (and us) closer together, even as we had to literally be further apart.

However, the most intriguing part of the season finale of Saturday Night Live is what seems like hints of two or three cast members who may be on the verge of leaving the series. But we’ll get to that later. First, let’s dig into the best and worst sketches of the Anya Taylor-Joy hosted Saturday Night Live.

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Keegan-Michael Key Hosted Saturday Night Live

Keegan-Michael Key has decades of experience in improv and sketch comedy, so it should come as no surprise that he excelled stupendously when hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time. This is exactly the kind of host you want to see take the stage, and the result was an episode that was full of mostly fantastic sketches. Even the fact that the sketches ran a little longer than usual didn’t hurt the show.

So let’s get down to the best and worst sketches from the Keegan-Michael Key hosted Saturday Night Live. Read More »

Saturday Night Live Muppets Sketch

Last night, Keegan-Michael Key took the stage at Studio 8H in 30 Rock to host a new episode of Saturday Night Live. With years of experience in improv and sketch comedy, including the hit Comedy Central series Key & Peele, the comedian made for one of the best hosts of the season. As a pleasant surprise, SNL also came with other special guests in the form of some of The Muppets, including the balcony hecklers Statler & Waldorf. But security wasn’t going to let them get away with it this time.

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Elon Musk Hosted Saturday Night Live

Well, Saturday Night Live was hosted by Elon Musk this weekend, and it went about as well as you’d expect when a billionaire business magnate without any real performance experience or natural charisma hosts a sketch comedy show. That’s not to say it was downright terrible. In fact, it went a little better than I expected. But this is the perfect example of how an episode of SNL can be stilted by a host with very little comedic intuition, even if the host is more than willing to have a little fun. Read More »

Saturday Night Live Season 46 Final Hosts

Since we’re all dreading the thought of billionaire Elon Musk and his totally killer sketch ideas on Saturday Night Live this weekend, the late night sketch show is trying to make up for it by closing out season 46 with a couple of outstanding hyphenated hosts.

Comedian Keegan-Michael Key and The Queen’s Gambit co-star Anya Taylor-Joy will host the final two episodes of the season in May, and it’s the first time they’ll be taking the stage at Studio 8H in 30 Rock. Read More »

Carey Mulligan Hosted Saturday Night Live

Carey Mulligan is primarily known for starring in prestige dramas and hasn’t shown much evidence of harnessing any secret comedic chops. Though her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live undoubtedly let Carey Mulligan get a little bit more loose, she was still mostly relegated to the same position that many prestige British actresses end up: the straight-person. The good news is that the sketches still mostly delivered some solid laughs, even if they tapped into a lot of familiar and recurring bits.

So let’s get down to the best and worst sketches from the Carey Mulligan hosted Saturday Night Live. Read More »

Saturday Night Live April 2021 Hosts

Saturday Night Live is gearing up to kick off three back-to-back episodes starting on March 27. NBC already announced that Maya Rudolph will be returning to SNL again as host, after making several recent guest appearances as Vice President Kamala Harris. But today, the network also revealed Oscar nominees Daniel Kauuya and Carey Mulligan will be hosting the sketch series for the first time in April. Read More »

Regé-Jean Page Hosted Saturday Night Live

Let me be honest here. When I first heard that Regé-Jean Page was hosting Saturday Night Live, this was the first time that I had no idea who the hell that was. I was totally aware of Bridgerton, but didn’t realize he was on it until I looked it up. But now that I’ve seen this guy hosting SNL, I’m convinced that he’s going to be a big star. Page took the reins of a lively and extremely musical Saturday Night Live where even the average sketches could have easily been among the best.

So sit back and take a look at the best (and worst) sketches from the Regé-Jean Page hosted Saturday Night Live. Read More »

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John Krasinski Hosted Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live closed out 2020 with a festive and fun Christmas episode hosted by veteran cast member and Wonder Woman 1984 co-star Kristen Wiig. It was the last SNL before the Presidential Inauguration gave us renewed hope for a year that wouldn’t be quite so full of nightmarish days.

With the first SNL of 2021, you can feel that rejuvenation with first-time host John Krasinski taking the stage. Maybe it’s because there’s barely a mention of the former President of the United States, but this episode was full of energy, and even the bad sketches were full of life, despite not floundering on the comedy side of things. Read More »