‘Snitch’ Trailer: The Rock is a Good Dad Playing Bad

Snitch is based — probably very loosely — on a real story in which a father tries to dig himself into the drug trade in order to help his son out of prison. The father here is played by The Rock, with Susan Sarandon showing up as the hard-ass prosecutor who doesn’t want to let his kid off easy, leading Dad into a gig driving for some pretty bad men in the hopes of taking down the people responsible for putting his kid behind bars.

Ric Roman Waugh (Felon, with Stephen Dorff) directs, and the supporting cast looks like the best part of the film: in addition to Sarandon you’ve got Michael K. Williams, Nadine Velazquez, and Jon Bernthal. Check out the trailer below. Read More »

Though we got our first peek at Aaron Eckhart in monster mode back in April, it now seems we’ll have to wait a whole other year to see the movie surrounding him. Lionsgate has just shifted the comic book adaptation I, Frankenstein from February to September, putting the Dwayne Johnson actioner Snitch in early 2013 instead. More after the jump.

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This is a drag. Micheal K. Williams, known to many as Omar from The Wire and an accomplished and well-rounded actor in general, was a favorite for the title role in Quentin Tarantino‘s Django Unchained. That part went to the more easily marketable Jamie Foxx, but over the last few months Williams has said that Tarantino wanted him in the movie badly enough to write a part specifically for him.

Now, thanks to scheduling, it looks like that won’t be a possibility. Instead, Williams will be in Snitch. Read More »

Susan Sarandon is currently shooting (or about to shoot) Cloud Atlas, her second film with Andy and Lana Wachowski, but after that she’ll likely appear in a film called Snitch, which already has Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson set to star.

The film is an action thriller loosely based on a true story about the response a father has when his son is given a very harsh drug-related prison sentence. I say loosely based, because no matter how close Justin Haythe‘s early draft tried to stay close to reality, the simple fact is that the Rock is a pretty far cry from James Settembrino, the guy upon whom the film is based. More details about the film are below. Read More »

Since the beginning of his career, Dwayne Johnson has rotated between action roles, comedy roles, and family roles. His latest project will fall solidly into the “action” part of his resume. Johnson has signed on to star in Snitch, directed by Ric Roman Waugh (Felon).

The script was written by Justin Haythe (Revolutionary Road), with a rewrite by Waugh. Johnson will play a father who goes undercover to help catch a drug dealer when his son is falsely imprisoned for drug dealing. Although the script sounds like typical action fare, it’s actually based on a Frontline documentary about anti-drug laws. How closely it follows true events remains to be seen, but considering that the real story doesn’t sound all that much like an action thriller, I’m guessing not very.

Johnson’s next onscreen appearance will be in Fast Five next month, and he is currently working on Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. [Deadline]

After the jump, Rashida Jones finds an ex-husband in Andy Samberg for her breakup comedy Celeste and Jesse Forever.

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