VOTD: Sleepy Skunk’s 2017 Movie Trailer Mash-Up

2017 Movie Trailer Mash-Up

We’re creeping towards the end of 2017, which means it’s time for the annual onslaught of movie trailer mash-ups rounding up as many movies released this year as possible into one mega trailer.

Sleepy Skunk is one of our favorite editors who has been deliver his annual year-end movie trailer mash-up for a few years now, and we have his 2017 Movie Trailer Mash-Up ready for your viewing pleasure. As expected, Sleepy Skunk combines dozens of movies from this year in a spectacularly edited with a great soundtrack to boot. Watch the 2017 Movie Trailer Mash-Up below. Read More »

Sleepy Skunk 2016 Movie Trailer Mash-Up

The end of 2016 is nearly upon us, and over the next couple weeks, we’ll be looking back at the year in cinema with some retrospective lists of our own, including our favorite movies of the year. But before we get to that, one of those retrospective movie trailer mash-ups has just arrived from one of our favorite editors.

Sleepy Skunk has been delivering a year-end movie trailer mash-up for the internet to enjoy for a few years now, and his 2016 Movie Trailer Mash-Up just went live today. As expected, it’s a fantastic look back at the dozens of movies we saw this year. There’s the good (Arrival), the bad (London Has Fallen), the hotly debated (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), the completely forgotten (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies), and much more.

Watch the Sleepy Skunk 2016 Movie Trailer Mash-Up after the jump. Read More »