Singularity Trailer

The concept of a singularity in technology proposes that some kind of advanced artificial intelligence will create rapid technological growth that will ultimately result in the destruction of the human race. After all, as countless sci-fi movies have shown, the greatest threat to mankind is itself, and the only way to create a peaceful environment is to kill the entire human race.

That’s exactly what happens in Singularity, a new sci-fi movie starring John Cusack as a powerful tech CEO who has created a super computer called Kronos that apparently has the ability to end all wars. Of course, this results in a technological revolution that sees robots killing humans all over the world. But mankind might have hope for survival in a pair of teens. Read More »

Robert Downey Jr directing Singularity

After over thirty years in Hollywood, Robert Downey Jr. is ready to branch out into the next phase of his career: directing. Downey is set to make his debut on Singularity, a TV pilot featuring his Weird Science co-star Anthony Michael Hall. Downey and his wife Susan Downey are also producing through Team Downey Productions.
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White House Down Roland Emmerich

Everyone thought Roland Emmerich‘s next movie was going to be Singularity. But there we were, last year, on the Montreal set of White House Down, where even Emmerich himself is surprised. What happened? It’s a simple story of Hollywood going a little old school. A studio buys what they feel is a great script, and executives bend over backwards to get a huge star and director on board so audiences can see the movie as soon as possible.

On the set of White House Down, which opens June 28, the director who is well-known for destroying the White House in Independence Day talked about doing that again. He discussed how this film will look very different from his previous films, how his star Channing Tatum is doing his own stunts, the exhaustive research into showing audiences places in the White House we never get to see, and much more.

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Sony has set a November 1, 2013 release date for their Roland Emmerichdirected action film, White House Down. Written by James Vanderbilt (The Amazing Spider-Man, Zodiac) it’s about a “paramilitary take over of the White House,” basically Die Hard meets Air Force One.

Emmerich had previously reserved that date for his sci-fi film Singularity, but with it being put on hold, White House Down will move first, likely to get ahead of a rival project called White House Taken starring Gerald Butler. Emmerich has just begun casting his film. [THR]

Perhaps working on Anonymous, a film about the “real” writer behind William Shakespeare’s works, has inspired a renewed respect for language in director Roland Emmerich. Or, more likely, maybe that picture’s poor box office performance has given Emmerich and his studio a case of nerves. Whatever the case, Sony has put the brakes on Singularity, the $175 million sci-fi epic that Emmerich has lined up as his next project.

Emmerich and co-writer Harald Kloser will be using that extra time to develop the screenplay, with some additional help from singularity expert and futurist Ray Kurzweil. As a term, “singularity” refers to the hypothetical emergence of an artificial super-intelligence greater than our own human intelligence. More info, including plot details, after the jump.

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Good news: Roland Emmerich passed on a big sci-fi project. But there’s no news here about the director deciding not to do an adaptation of Isaac Asimov‘s classic sci-fi novel series Foundation, alas. Instead he has passed on the sci-fi film for which is is exceptionally well-suited: a big-screen story inspired by Atari’s game Asteroids.

Emmerich was linked to Asteroids last year, but now as he promotes his Shakespeare conspiracy film Anonymous (which is actually garnering no small praise at TIFF) the director says he decided to skip the Atari film in favor of making Singularity, a sci-fi film picked up by Sony earlier this year, and about which we know relatively little. Read More »

Here’s yet another stopgap measure to keep Foundation fans happy. Roland Emmerich made his latest film, the Shakespeare conspiracy drama/thriller Anonymous, with Sony, and now there is a report that he has a mysterious new sci-fi project with the working title of Singularity. THR reports that Sony has right of first refusal on the film, and while a deal isn’t made at this point, it could be something that, like 2012, the studio picks up knowing that he’ll deliver something that can easily crack $500m in global ticketing. Read More »