The French thriller Sleepless Night, in which two police officers who moonlight stealing drugs have to deal with insanity on a night when they lose their merchandise, has been earning raves since it premiered as part of the Midnight Madness program at TIFF. Peter loved the film in Toronto, and Germain loved it at Fantastic Fest. The consensus is that Sleepless Night is a taut, economical action thriller in a mode that recalls Die Hard (thanks to a mostly closed environment) and Taken (due to the pace and tone of the action).

The film is already picked up for a US remake, but the original isn’t going anywhere. All that critical love, and good audience reactions, will ensure that you get a chance to see it. Below, we’ve got the first French trailer for the film, and while it features no English dialogue or subtitles, you’ll still be able to understand a lot of what it offers. Read More »

Frédéric Jardin‘s french film Sleepless Night might be one of the best and tightest written action thrillers I’ve seen in the past few years. The film is kind of like Die Hard meets 24 by way of Taken, but never falling into many of the genre cliches set-up by those films.

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