We all know the name Jai Courtney. The Australian actor first broke out on the Starz series Spartacus and later landed roles in a string of high-profile movies like Suicide Squad, Terminator: Genisys and Jack Reacher. Between those movies, he’s gravitated towards more grounded roles in dramas like Felony, The Water Diviner, and Unbroken. He himself says it’s the intimate dramas that are more to his taste.

Movies like director Henry Alex Rubin’s Semper Fi are right up his alley. It’s a family drama that deals with the military, PTSD, and brotherhood, with a third act turn towards a prison break thriller. It’s a movie going for naturalism, not spectacle, and it’s another look at what Courtney is capable of given a strong role.

Recently, we spoke to the actor about what attracts him to certain roles, drama school in Australia, and what kept him going when he first moved to Los Angeles.

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semper fi trailer

Jai Courtney is still out there, reminding everyone he’s not Sam Worthington. In Semper Fi, Courtney plays both a cop and a Marine Corps reservist who decides to break his brother (Nat Wolff) out of jail. Can he pull it off? Will he end up getting caught and land right in prison with his brother? And how does he have time to be both a cop and in the Marines? Watch the Semper Fi trailer below and see.

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