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Richard Linklater is using the momentum he built with Before Midnight and Boyhood to finally move forward on That’s What I’m Talking About, the film that has been described as a “spiritual sequel” to Dazed & Confused. It’s not an actual sequel, but a 1980-set film that follows set of characters as they go to college. Now Megan Ellison has come on board as a producer, and Annapurna Pictures will partially back the project, with Paramount set to release it in the US. Read More »

When the trailer for the video game Dead Island hit in February of this year, it caused a sensation, and word quickly spread that a movie was in the works. That word turned out to be premature, as the film rights to the game were not packaged and sold quite as neatly as first reports suggested.

But now the rights have been sold, and Lionsgate is the buyer. Thing is, Sean Daniel, the guy who was originally reported by HitFix to be the first rights buyer, will produce the film. The idea is to make Dead Island “an innovation of the zombie genre because of its focus on human emotion, family ties and non-linear storytelling.”

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Are the ‘Dead Island’ Film Rights Sold, Or Not?

Late last week, the internet became mostly enraptured with the trailer for the video game Dead Island. The CGI trailer told a short story about a family visiting a tropical island retreat, and showed their destruction using footage that ran forward and back along the narrative timeline.

The question of a film based on the game (or, more likely, the trailer) quickly cropped up, and on Friday night it was revealed that the rights had been sold to The Sean Daniel Company. Except that game publisher Deep Silver is now saying that the rights to the game have not been sold. Read More »

It’s been a big week for the video game Dead Island, a trailer for which was released and immediately became an internet sensation. The game had been all but forgotten prior to that trailer, but now people at least know the name of the game. Not that they know anything about the game, really. There is no gameplay in the trailer, and even sites that were offered an early peek at the playable action were cautious about saying they needed to see and play a lot more.

But this isn’t about the game. It is about the movie that could come into being because the trailer for the game was such a hit. If you watched the trailer and assumed someone might quickly snap up the rights to make a film, you were correct. Info on that deal is after the break. Read More »