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The Color Purple is getting remade into a feature film again, but this time as a movie musical. The powerful Alice Walker novel was first adapted to the big screen by Steven Spielberg, whose 1985 Oscar-nominated film featured an all-star cast that included none other than Oprah Winfrey. Now, the duo are teaming up again to develop the musical version, based on the Tony Award-winning Broadway show.

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Scott Sanders, the man who with Michael Jai White crafted the often hilarious blaxploitation spoof/homage Black Dynamite, is turning to the world of Mexican wrestling with his next film, Aztec Warrior. The movie begins shooting today, with Luis Guzman as a luchador who faces off against his rival El Diablo, played by Eugenio Derbez. Terry Crews, Nadine Velazquez, and Lupe Ontiveros are in the film, too.

And, evidently, there are some familiar-looking robots in the movie as well. A piece of concept art surfaced recently showing the Aztec Warrior squaring off against a machine that looks a lot like the ED-209 from RoboCop. Read More »


It’s a crazy, mixed up world and we are thankful for movies, excluding The Tooth Fairy starring The Rock, that offer proof. /Film’s Weekend Weirdness examines such flicks, whether in the form of a new trailer for a provocative indie, a mini review, or an interview.

It’s rare when the marketing campaign for an indie movie has a celebratory feel, clearly organized by a team as psyched on the feature as they hope the recipient will be. Soon after learning of Black Dynamite last year, several packages arrived at my home/office in correlation with its theatrical release. They contained quality tees—one read “Fight Smack In The Orphanage” in bold-ass white-on-black CAPS—along with a high concept soundtrack and a media kit ribboned and accented with a syringe pen. For months thereafter, director and co-writer Scott Sanders seemed to personally and tirelessly push Dynamite to every white sucka on Internet Geek Street. It was admirable, considering that his second feature film was indeed a pretty fun, meticulously designed hat tip to the Afro-Fu era of Dolemite.

The film is also a stable showcase for Sanders’s pal Michael Jai White (SpawnThe Dark Knight) to launch a renewed case for chiseled action stardom, and a welcome invite for underseen talents like Tommy Davidson and Arsenio Hall to get retarded. Oh, and if you ever wondered about the true origin of chicken and waffles? That’s in there too. During an absurd week that saw oversensitive Twitterers erupt over the existence of soul food, what better film and DVD to welcome Black History Month? Slashfilm’s Weekend Weirdness asked Sanders a few questions about Dynamite’s future as a CIA agent-cum-VietNam veteran-cum-inner city exterminator of “jive ass” dummies. (Note: NSFW movie stills after the jump.)

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A couple of hours ago I finally caught Black Dynamite, which became an internet sensation based on a very well cut trailer. (Not this one, sadly, but this is what Apparition is using to sell the film now.) Despite having been told that the film plays better as a trailer than a feature I had a really good time with it. The plot is more wild and weird than I’d expected, and Michael Jai White does a great version of the stereotypical self-involved ’70s badass.

The end credits are a lot of fun, too, in part because they sport fantastic animation showing Black Dynamite kicking ass left and right. So the news that the character will soon be showing up  in his own animated series is very welcome, but hardly surprising. Read More »

Black Dynamite Movie Trailer


Apparition has released a new, and possibly final, movie trailer for the blaxploitation callback Black Dynamite on Yahoo. Watch the new trailer now after the jump, and leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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Sundance Blog: Celebrity Sightings

Sundance is now in full swing and I havent been able to to blog about the experience as much as I would like to. We’ve got a tremendous response to the video blogs, probably more so than anything else we’ve ever put up on the site. It probably speaks to why America is so obsessed with reality television. And the response has not only been online but also on location in Park City. I’ve met a bunch of cool readers and even had some run ins with celebrities, some of which even read the site (which I always find very shocking and extremely cool).

Yesterday morning Scott Sanders, the writer/director of Black Dynamite and Jon Steingart, the film’s producer, came up to me while I was leaving a screening and asked if I ran /Film. Apparently they’ve been watching the video blogs and have since requested via our friend Scott at WeAreMovies, that we have more arguments in our future video blogs (you can watch the original fight video here). While I can’t make this happen, I’m sure something will go down in the next seven days of the festival. We’re seeing the midnight show of Dynamite on Sunday and we might be partying with the guys later in the week.

And earlier today at the 500 Days of Summer screening an actress came up to me and introduced herself, asking if I was the /Film guy. She explained that she reads the site and that she had a film playing at the festival called The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle, a film I have had marked on my must see list. (I’m waiting on a publicist request, and hopefully I can get tickets to the Monday premiere.) She was extremely nice and we chatted for a moment before I thanked her for reading and wished her luck with the film. I sat back down and pulled up her name on IMDb. Sundance has a lot of first time filmmakers and films with unknown actresses, and for all I knew this could have been her first big break.

I’m not good with names, and the name Tania Raymonde didn’t ring any bells. But it turns out that it should have, as Raymonde played Ben’s daughter Alex on LOST. And those of you who regularly read the site know that LOST is my favorite television series of the moment. I loved her character on the show. She also looks so much different in person.  Suffice to say I geeked out for a few minutes before I gathered the guts to turn around (she was seated behind me) and explain my error and profess my LOST fandom before the film started. Tania, if you’re reading this, please shoot me an email.

And my third celebrity run-in happened while I was entering the Library for the Mystery Team screening. Jason Reitman totally cut in front of me (kinda, sorta, but not really). He apologized, as it turns out he was just trying to get to the concession stand in the room with the ticket que. Not too exciting.

I once made a complete fool out of myself talking to Reitman while I was drunk at a party at the Toronto Film Festival. I doubt he remembers. If you’re interested, you can find the story on one of the /FilmCast AfterDark episodes from September 2008.

More video blogs on the way…

“But Black Dynamite, I sell drugs to the community.” With this new red band trailer, Black Dynamite officially blazes its way onto the Most Anticipated List. Way back in July, the buzzing stealth passion project from writer/director, Scott Sanders, and writer/star, Michael Jai White, miraculously won me over by making exhausted, semi-ironic blaxploitation homage seem fresh again. Since that time, Rudy Ray Moore kicked the bucket, we elected a half-black president and the good peoples at New York’s Ars Nova Entertainment just informed me that their film has been accepted by Sundance. Disclaimer: They also sent over some motherfucking swag.

Ditching the previous red band’s ghetto-projector flicker, the new one favors crisp, soul-glo visuals, a kilo of chopsockey goodness and a cameo by Captain Kangeroo. We also get a nekkid bevy of porn superbirds, including corpse-loving Charlotte Stokely, Arsenio Hall disguised with a terrible wig, little kids shooting heron, and proto-Mylanta thug, Mike Starr, screaming. A release date is not locked in. Stay tuned.

Discuss: That Star Trek trailer can eat it.

From Spike Jonze’s “Sabotage” to PTA’s Angels Live in My Town to the full-on grindhouse wave, the ship for ironic urban ‘sploitation needs to sail already. We’ll make an exception for the new Dolemite trailer because it has laser beams, but that’s it. Let it rest. Okay, um, we might need to make another exception. The trailer for this year’s Black Dynamite—off the map, much?—hints at an entire film that genuinely looks as if it played during the days when Tarantino’s and Wu-Tang’s sneakers used to stick to seedy theater floors. And we’re not exaggerating, take a look. That is a pretty difficult aesthetic to pull off in 2008 without looking like a jackass. Even the cast looks of the era.

The film’s writer/director is Scott Sanders, who previously helmed an obscuro Alec Baldwin flick, but c’mon, is that really a strike against? Michael Jai White, who has a role in The Dark Knight, played Spawn and had a cut part in Kill Bill, stars as the titular kung-fu fighting Shaft-like badass. His co-stars include Arsenio Hall as a man named Tasty Freeze, Tommy Davidson as Cream Corn, Sk8rboi porn starlet Charlotte Stokely, and martial artist Roger Yuan. How about a bowl of Totally Random? Here’s the logline…

“This is the story of 1970s African-American action legend Black Dynamite. The Man killed his brother, pumped heroin into local orphanages, and flooded the ghetto with adulterated malt liquor. Black Dynamite was the one hero willing to fight The Man all the way from the blood-soaked city streets to the hallowed halls of the Honky House”

A quick look around the Web shows that followers of Black Dynamite are pretty damn excited (also: it has followers), and little tidbits from the talent involved imply that it’s a super-coiled passion project that’s ready to strike outta nowhere. So, what do you think? And yeah yeah yeah, today’s red band trailer for Larry Bishop’s Hell Ride doesn’t look too shabby either (even though Peter gave it, like, a zero).

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Black Dynamite opens sometime this year.

via Cinema Suicide (and thanks to Zach)