Scott Pilgrim’s Wicked Little Cast

The Hollywood Reporter have done the right thing and put me out of my misery by unveiling eight new cast members for Edgar Wright’s Brian Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim’s Wicked Little Life.

If this were still the late 90s and Edgar Wright was still to male his second feature film (for those only casually interested in the man, Shaun of the Dead wasn’t the first, you know – that honour goes to A Fistful of Fingers. And that’s probably only if we’re counting just commercially released projects too) and was still primarily best known for the sit-com Spaced, it’d still be blindingly obvious that he was so easily the best director to take up this material.

So, who are the eight? There’s an illustrated rundown after the break, alongside one of Edgar’s typically teasing snaps of one of them.

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