Family-friendly films rarely feel edgy, as you’d expect from the very concept of the genre. How can something intended for everyone be risky? That’s what makes the few exceptions to the rule stand out all the more. In the 1970s, the go-to exception was The Bad News Bears, an underdog sports story that was all about kids dabbling in very bad behavior. That led to a series of far less successful sequels, plus a forgettable remake.

In the new century, the go-to example of something remotely edgy for the whole family is School of Rock, celebrating its 15th anniversary today. That film has had a far more major impact on culture, and specifically on its star, Jack Black.

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/Answers: Favorite Movie Mentor

best movie mentors

Every week in /Answers, we attempt to answer a new pop culture-related question. This week’s edition asks “Who is your favorite movie mentor?” As always, we have submissions from the /Film writing crew and podcast team. This week, we are also joined by Cars 3 director Brian Fee.

If you’d like to share your pick for your favorite movie mentor, please send your thoughts to for a chance to be featured on the site. Find our choices below!

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Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Best End Credits Sequences

Not too long ago, we highlighted a video that was bold enough to pick the best opening credits sequences from movies. They left out some that could have easily made the list without any argument, but it was never going to be an easy task.

This time, we have a video that tries to accomplish the seemingly easier task of picking the best end credits sequences in movies. We’re not talking about credits scenes or teases like Marvel Studios does but rather credits sequences that both give credit to the cast and crew but also do something stylish and/or fun to end the movie.

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School of Rock musical

Director Richard Linklater is having a pretty great year. He’s making his next movie just as his last one, Boyhood, is on its way to a possible Oscar or two. But despite a resume of absolutely amazing films (Before Sunset, Dazed and Confused, Waking Life) his most successful sometimes get forgotten. That’s the 2003 film School of Rock starring Jack Black and written by Mike White. The unique story of a slacker, posing as a substitute teacher, who turns private school kids into his own band, is a real crowd-pleaser and much different from the more introspective films Linklater is known for. It ended up grossing over $80 million, which is more than double his second most successful film.

Since its release, School of Rock has found a place in the hearts of its fans and a permanent spot on cable television. But now, it’s getting a new resurrection. In 2015, School of Rock is coming to Broadway with an absolutely amazing team. Read more about the School of Rock musical below. Read More »

Movies Being Adapted Into TV Shows

TV companies are going crazy trying to mine film libraries for the next big television series, because why come up with an original untested idea without an established brand name title, right? I almost included the movie to television series trend in my 9 Current Movie and Television Trends I Hate article last month, but I decided it was too soon to make that judgement.

While I’m already tired of seeing the announcements, I really loved Fargo (and I really mean LOVED — it’s my favorite television series of the year), I’m still enjoying Friday Night Lights/Parenthood showrunner Jason Katims‘ About a Boy, and I know many people who really dig Hannibal, Bates Motel, and From Dusk till Dawn: The Series. So it’s hard for me to condemn it at this point.  And yes there are also GothamConstantine and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but I consider those shows comic book adaptations.

You might be shocked to learn that there are currently over 30 television shows in development right now based on big screen movies. Which are good ideas? Which sound horrible? After the jump, I attempt to rank all of the movies being adapted into TV shows, by concept from worst to most promising ideas.

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School of Rock tv series

While Richard Linklater jokes about what a Boyhood sequel might look like, Nickelodeon is putting the pieces together for an actual follow-up to one of his other films.

The cable network has given a straight-to-series order for School of Rock, based on Linklater’s 2003 film of the same title. Linklater is on board to executive produce along with Scott Rudin. Get all the details after the jump.

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School of Rock NE header

Richard Linklater gets lots of love for his smaller movies like Dazed and Confused, Before Midnight, Bernie and Waking Life. Rightfully so. But one of his films that is sometimes overlooked is also, by far, the biggest grossing film of his career. That would be 2003’s School of Rock.

Written by Mike White and starring Jack Black, the film follows a slacker who poses as a substitute teacher, then turns his class into a world-class rock band. It’s one of those crowd-pleasing films that don’t really exist anymore; I dare you to turn it off if it’s ever on cable. The film’s 10 year anniversary is coming up in October and, to celebrate, Odd City Entertainment has commissioned artist NE to immortalize the film in screenprint. It’ll be exclusively available at an Austin-based anniversary screening of the film.

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School of Rock 2 “Might Not Happen”

Just got home from the party for Me and Orson Welles at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival. I had the opportunity to talk with Richard Linklater, who confirmed that a School of Rock sequel is far from a done deal. Linklater admitted that he only had one conversation with the studio about the project. Richard said that he had another project in mind for his next film and was surprised as anyone else to see the sequel announced in the trade papers as a done deal. Linklater said that it “might not happen” after all, expressing apprehension to the whole idea of a sequel. You have to appreciate a director who isn’t just in it for a quick buck or two, and actually cares about the legacy of his films.

Mike White’s screenplay for School of Rock 2: America Rocks follows the further adventures of Dewey Finn, as he leads a group of summer school students on a cross-country field trip that “delves into the history of rock ‘n’ roll and explores the roots of blues, rap, country and other genres.” A /Film reader poll showed that 95% of the 434 votes tallied were not interested in a sequel, while the remaining 5% voted for the option “There Was a School of Rock 1?”. It should be noted that no positive option was made available.

School of Rock 2: America Rocks

Remember that pointless School of Rock sequel we warned you about a couple weeks ago? Well it’s happening. Paramount Pictures has signed Jack Black to reprise his role as Dewey Finn in School of Rock 2: America Rocks. According to Variety, Mike White’s script follows Finn leading a group of summer school students on a cross-country field trip that “delves into the history of rock ‘n’ roll and explores the roots of blues, rap, country and other genres.” I want to believe that this is something more than just a money grab. I want to believe that White and director Richard Linklater, who is also signed on to return, returned because of the story and not just a bundle of cash.

Discuss: Now that you’ve had the chance to read a short plot synopsis, is there any chance School of Rock 2 might be a worthy sequel?

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Reader Poll: School of Rock 2

Last night, the Slashfilm staff got together via Second Life to brain storm strategy for something really trivial. Screenwriter, comedian and all around decent guy, Mike White, was kind enough to alert the online press that he had completed the script to School of Rock 2. Our dilemma: What could Slashfilm offer Jack Black and Mike White in order for them NOT to make this totally unneeded sequel aka “Jack Black teaches a spiky-haired kid wearing snowboard goggles on his forehead how to ‘play the skins, dude!’ part 2”?

Money was out the window. The original film grossed $80 million domestically. And our staffers did not aspire a sacrifice to Black in the form of bad tattoos. Nobody here hates or despises School of Rock like we do, say, Disaster Movie. Richard Linklater‘s was a family film, a twee bro-down, that didn’t totally suck even, and if you had a bad day at work, maybe you even cried watching it. But that was 2003.

Basically, Slashfilm doesn’t want to write about another SoR or face down its inevitable barrage of “ready-to-rock tweens” happy day marketing. Please world, no more endearing kids learning about Floyd via a chalk board, playing air guitars, throwing up limp \m/s or seeing Jack Black imitate AC/DC. Rock Band and Guitar Hero are enough. Plus, the sequel already exists. It’s called The Rocker and it “rocks out” on August 1st.

Our avatars shrugged and we went our separate ways. We decided to leave the sequel’s fate in the hands of our readers. Do you guys/gals/tween + hard rock loathers want to see/read/hear about School of Rock 2 in the near future/ever? Send the talent/studio involved a quick smoke signal by voting in our poll. Thanks!