save yourselves trailer

What if you were taking a peaceful, phone-free getaway in an idyllic cabin in the woods, only to be interrupted by an alien invasion? That’s the wacky premise of the indie comedy Save Yourselves! which imagines an apocalypse for the social media age — and to an extent, the social distancing age. Watch the Save Yourselves! trailer below.

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Save Yourselves review

We’re all addicted to our phones. Whether it’s because we need the dopamine hit of receiving Twitter faves or Instagram likes, or just a gnawing need to constantly be connected, the addiction is very real. Save Yourselves!, the new sci-fi comedy from writer/directors Eleanor Wilson and Alex H. Fischer, preys on the FOMO you get if you don’t look at your phone for several hours, blowing it up into a worst case scenario. What if, instead of just a couple of missed notifications, you missed news about an alien invasion? Read More »