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Everyone knows Thanksgiving weekend is one of the busiest and most cumbersome travel weekends in the United States. But that’s not stopping Comic-Con International from trying to make it infinitely worse.

Since San Diego Comic-Con has already been announced to be a virtual event yet again this summer, the convention creators wanted to plan something for the fall when an in-person event would be much more safe and easier to plan. Unfortunately, they’ve chosen Thanksgiving weekend to host the three-day event at the San Diego Convention Center, and it will be called Comic-Con Special Edition. Read More »

comic-con 2021

It was inevitable. Like last year, San-Diego Comic-Con 2021 will remain virtual. While there are multiple COVID-19 vaccines right now, the pandemic remains a very serious issue. And as much as everyone would like things to go back to normal, it’s unlikely that we’ll see anything close to “normal” anytime soon. With that in mind, Comic-Con has made the tough but wise choice to remain virtual for one more year.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Schedule

A lot of big pop culture conventions have been canceled thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. But perhaps the most crushing blow was the official cancellation of San Diego Comic-Con, the biggest geek gathering in the world, covering all of your favorite movie franchises, TV shows, comics, podcasts, and more, as well as exciting new projects coming down the road. However, event organizers will try to salvage the convention with a San Diego Comic-Con At Home experience this summer. Read More »

san diego comic con convention contract

No need to change the acronym: San Diego Comic-Con is staying in San Diego, at least for the next few years. Comic-Con International‘s current agreement with the San Diego Convention Center has been expanded another three years, keeping the geeky convention in the California city through at least 2024.

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Russo brothers hall H panel

The Russo Brothers, blockbuster filmmakers and experts at explaining every single thing that happened in their movies, are done with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But that doesn’t mean they can’t still talk about it. While the Russos have no MCU films on their horizon, they’ll be partaking in a Hall H panel at this years’s Comic-Con. There, they’ll look back at their MCU films, and then look to the future, with their many projects to come.

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simpsons at d23

Calling all convention lovers: two big con announcements have just dropped to get you more excited about plunking down some cash and jetting somewhere to stand in line. Now that Disney owns Fox, The Simpsons will make their first appearance at the D23 Expo (well, not literally; they’re cartoons). Meanwhile, Warner Bros. TV just announced what they’re bringing to San Diego Comic-Con – a line-up that includes a farewell to the long-running series Supernatural.

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Warner Bros in Hall H

Summer is almost here, which means San Diego Comic-Con is right around the corner. And this year’s Comic-Con has a surprise in store. Or rather, not in store: Warner Bros. won’t be bringing anything to the fabled Hall H this year. The studio could’ve easily had panels relating to Wonder Woman 1984Joker and even Matt Reeves’s The Batman. Instead, they’re sitting this one out. In fact, the only WB movie to have any sort of representation at SDCC in 2019 will be It Chapter Two.

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Comic-Con Injunction

The future of any Comic-Con other than San Diego Comic-Con and its official equivalents is now in serious doubt thanks to an injunction. A judge has ruled against Salt Lake Comic-Con from using titles “Comic Con” and “Comic-Con”, as well as any phonetic equivalents (like ComiKon). In short, if you have a local Comic-Con near you, it’s probably going to be changing its name very quickly.

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Demolition Man Comic-Con

In 1993, Warner Bros. released Demolition Man, a sci-fi action film that starred Sylvester Stallone as a present day cop who’s cryogenically frozen until being thawed out in the future to apprehend his greatest nemesis. It’s somehow terrible and wonderful at the same time.

It’s been 25 years since the film came out, and to celebrate, Warner Bros. is planning a Demolition Man Comic-Con pop-up at next month’s convention in San Diego. And if you’ve seen the movie, you probably know where this is going: yep, Taco Bell is going to be involved. Read More »

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Clone Wars Comic-Con

Star Wars: The Clone Wars premiered on October 3, 2008, which means we’re approaching its tenth anniversary faster than a speeder bike zipping through a forest of redwood trees. We know Disney is officially sitting out this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, but Lucasfilm will be there to hold a Clone Wars Comic-Con panel to look back on the show and its legacy. Read the official press release below.
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