Samara Weaving Liz

If you’ve never heard of Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte, you’re not alone. But she’s about to get a biopic with Ready or Not breakout Samara Weaving portraying her, so read on to learn about this 19th century American celebrity. Read More »

Dean Parisot interview

Bill & Ted Face the Music is a very kind-hearted movie. There’s not a single mean-spirited bone in its body. With its unironic heroes, its passion for music, and most importantly, the love between best friends and family, Bill & Ted Face the Music appreciates the best in life.

Whatever obstacles came in the way of the sequel, director Dean Parisot and everyone involved kept going. Parisot, known most famously for the classic Galaxy Quest, delivered a pure sequel with its heart in such the right place. The director, an NYU graduate who won an Oscar for best live-action short film in 1988, told us why he never gave up on Bill & Ted 3 and more.

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scream 5 samara weaving

The directors of Ready or Not are set to helm Scream 5, and they almost brought their Ready or Not star along with them. Samara Weaving, who was absolute fire in that horror-comedy, has revealed she was very close to joining the Scream 5 cast but had to pass due to scheduling issues. And now I’m very, very sad. While I still have high-hopes for Scream 5, I will forever be disappointed that Weaving isn’t a part of the film.

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bill and ted face the music clip

After years of waiting, Bill and Ted 3, AKA Bill & Ted Face the Music, is almost upon us. The long-awaited sequel is headed to On Demand next week, and ahead of that digital release, there’s a new clip featuring William “Bill” S. Preston Esq. (Alex Winter) and Theodore “Ted” Logan (Keanu Reeves) meeting up with Kristen Schaal, who plays the daughter of Rufus, the helpful futuristic character played by the late George Carlin in the previous two films.

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Bill and Ted Face the Music Featurette

Bill and Ted Face the Music already feels like it won the lottery by merely existing. Despite being talked about for years, no one ever really thought Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter would get back together for one more excellent adventure. But here we are, nearly 30 years after Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, and the Wyld Stallyns are still trying to save the world with their music. But this time, they’ll get a little help from their daughters, who get a proper introduction in a new Bill and Ted Face the Music featurette. Read More »

Guns Akimbo trailer
In Guns AkimboDaniel Radcliffe plays a loser who wakes up with guns physically bolted to his hands (yes, really). Not only that, but his character is tasked with killing an assassin on a live-streamed internet show.

Points for originality must go to writer/director Jason Lei Howden for this deranged-looking movie. If happen to have spent the last few minutes considering if you should take a swig of Red Bull to get a jolt of energy, maybe just watch this new trailer instead – it’ll probably have the desired effect. Read More »

G.I. Joe spin-off Snake Eyes continues to add surprisingly impressive cast members. Samara Weaving, the breakout star of this summer’s Ready or Not, is the latest addition to the Snake Eyes cast, set to play G.I. Joe team member Scarlett. Weaving joins a cast that already includes Henry GoldingHaruka Abe, Ursula Corbero, Iko Uwais, and Andrew KojiRobert Schwentke is set to direct a script from Evan Spiliotopoulos.

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Guns Akimbo Review

“You like this?!” asks Daniel Radcliffe’s Miles to a covert camera live streaming his misfortunate adventures as he fights for his life. It’s a breaking point for him as a character in Guns Akimbo, and he launches into quite the screed about the cowardice of the viewers who cheer on imperiling people from behind the remove of their screen but could never face a similar situation in their own lives. In a smarter movie, Miles might also be addressing us, the audience, with his impassioned rant. After all, haven’t we, too, been watching his plight voyeuristically and getting a kick out of his misery?

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ready or not review

At a time when cries of “eat the rich” are more welcome and necessary than ever – here comes Ready or Not. This bloody, funny horror-comedy takes direct aim at the ludicrously wealthy 1% who are happy to make others suffer in order to maintain their opulence. The script is never as clever as it could be, but that’s not an issue. Situations like this sometimes call for the blunt force trauma of a sledgehammer blow rather than a light elbow nudge to the ribs.

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Ready or Not Trailer

Becoming part of a new family through marriage can be a scary prospect. But it’s probably significantly worse when there’s a twisted tradition of having the newest member of the family partake in a deadly game in order to truly join the clan.

Ready or Not finds a young bride (Samara Weaving of the upcoming Bill and Ted Face the Music) marrying into a rich, eccentric family. After the wedding nuptials are complete, it seems like she’s successfully settled in with her husband’s relatives. But there’s one more tradition that needs to take place, and it will require her trying to survive until sunrise in a deadly game of hide and seek. See how bloody things get in the first Ready or Not trailer below. Read More »