Ray Griggs’ comedy superhero film Supercapers has not been on my radar at all until now. The first trailer has just hit, ahead of a limited release in late March, and my immediate reactions were split. On the one hand, I really didn’t think there was space for another Mystery Men, The Specials or The Tick; on the other, I was impressed how genuinely geeky the thing seemed to be.

Mixing properly embarrassing colorful superhero costumes with a cast members you might have seen hawking autographs at five bucks a pop, this is a film from the kind of clapped-out, cosplay happy fan universe that I feel a genuine affection for. You could mistake this for a kind of Dr. Horrible gone wrong, or even just a spandex-clad barrel scraping session, but I think it looks like sincere and solid-enough stuff. I definitely want to see the whole thing, that’s for sure.

The trailer is embedded below this speed-hump. The creepy Puffer fish effect is a high point – that character us played by writer-director Griggs.

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